Raffaella Greco: “From San Marino Aerospace to a sector cluster”

Open-hearted interview with the organizer of the event that will bring the best of the aerospace industry to Mount Titano on 25 and 26 October

San Marino Aerospace: the organizer Raffaella Greco
Raffaella Greco is the organizer of “San Marino Aerospace” and legal representative of Titano Aerospace and Innovation Technologies Srl, a company based in Borgo Maggiore

There is a... mother and at the same time an entrepreneur who is preparing to launch and inaugurate an event decidedly full of innovation, combining one of the most respected and long-lived states in existence in the world and the highly advanced sector of the aeronautical industry and space economy.

Expected next October 25th and 26th, “San Marino Aerospace” is in fact the happening and the creature of the organizer's desire Raffaella Greco, businesswoman born in a locality full of Story, Magenta, from a Milanese mother and Apulian father, rewarded with a Master's Degree in International Relations and Institutions after a Bachelor's Degree in law at the University of Milan.

Today legal representative of TAIT, acronym for Titano Aerospace and Innovation Technologies Srl, is also coordinator of the Campus of the LUM School of Management as well as in the past she was Campus Manager of the European School of Economics in Milan.

The presentation brochure of "San Marino Aerospace" 2023 (in English)
The presentation brochure of "San Marino Aerospace" 2023 (in Italian)

Raffaella Greco strongly wanted “San Marino Aerospace”, the upcoming biennial in which, for two days straight, theAncient Land of Freedom will host B2B, matching, demonstrations, laboratories, conferences and insights on the aerospace theme, highlighting research, experiences, innovations and cutting-edge technologies, for the supply chain and for all related industries.

Parent of two children, a boy and a girl, resident in Varese, but a lover of the sea, she says of herself that she is "empathetic, with good interpersonal skills which, combined with the studies carried out and the various work experiences gained with multiple interests, allow me to carry out relations, organization and communication tasks at all levels...".

The psychological prerequisites necessary to get to know it better and to enter into the intricacies of "why" and the program of an event that enjoys the patronage of the State Congress of the small blue-white nation and of the American Chamber of Commerce Italy are all there.

“San Marino Aerospace” is structured to basically attract four different audiences, all well defined: companies in the aerospace and top aeronautical sectors, with a particular interest in the world of drones and space sub-contracting, tech and innovation, investors and investment funds, young people and high school students intending to choose theirs training and, last but not least, aerospace sector enthusiasts and simply curious people. Let's try to delve deeper into the "San Marino question" with you.

In San Marino the first international event in the aerospace sector

San Marino Aerospace: the Guaita or First Tower projected towards space
La Guaita, also known as the Rocca or simply the First Tower, the largest and oldest of the three fortresses that dominate the City of San Marino, seems to rise into space

What really is “San Marino Aerospace”, one of the great conference and exhibition innovations expected in Europe in autumn 2023?
“This is basically an acknowledgment! San Marino it is growing a lot economically, also because it has a network of young and dynamic administrators (the figure of. is particularly important Fabio Righi, Minister of Industry, Crafts and Commerce, Technological Innovation and Simplification, ed.). With this in mind of inclusive growth and development, it has decided to host this event. No state in the world can now ignore important issues such as space, innovation and research. It is the awareness of the future, and the oldest Republic in the world has demonstrated that it has this sensitivity. Furthermore, the central position in Europe and a streamlined and fast administrative machine do the rest...".

What are the major innovation components of this event and what is the philosophy behind it?
“I could explain it easily the philosophy, but it is the one I described in response to your first question on the innovation components. And I add that you are, and are, all invited!

Less noisy and more sustainable landings and approaches to airports

San Marino Aerospace: B2B, matching, demonstrations, laboratories, conferences and insights
On 25 and 26 October 2023, the Ancient Land of Freedom will host B2B events, matching, demonstrations, workshops, conferences and insights on the aerospace theme within "San Marino Aerospace"

Why the choice of the Ancient Land of Freedom as the location of an event so apparently disconnected from the territory and "separated" in theory from the aeronautical and space sectors?
“Dynamism and self-awareness are the key themes. In fact San Marino it is much more linked to its territory and the surrounding one than one might imagine. A territory, particularly that of Emilia Romagna and Marche, very active in the aeronautical and space sectors. They are regions that have well grasped the opening of this small but important Republic. So much so that the surrounding regions and Italian clusters will be present at the 'San Marino Aerospace' event. Likewise San Marino dialogues and has excellent relations with most states in the world. The presence of the most important companies American, already present at the first and eagerly awaited edition of the event, is tangible proof of this. Furthermore, thanks to this vision, San Marino is working to be a uniting state for the other small countries on the planet. Let us also remember that, for example at the United Nations General Assembly, the vote of the Republic is equivalent to that of any other member state. The famous 'one is worth one'...".

Leonardo, launched the new AWHero remotely piloted helicopter

What type of collaboration, support or help have you received from the authorities of the Republic of San Marino, both local and national?
“The event, through a clear official resolution, is now considered an event of national interest, and therefore recipient of patronage from the State Congress. From the beginning, the Secretariat of the Economics Department is logically the one that has had the greatest sensitivity towards our proposal, and even today it is the one from which we naturally have the greatest support, but the participation of the various public administration bodies is unanimous. For the institutions present in the area, the American Chamber of Commerce has actively supported us since the project was just a hypothesis. The others economic institutions they were a little more lukewarm initially, but now we are communicating well with them too. It is unfortunate when instead we see positions taken, perhaps of a political nature, which in some way limit the great opportunity that is being created and which will truly involve the entire system, not just the economic. From the very beginning we have believed that this event should have a great San Marino identity and be recognized as such, precisely to ensure that the territory can benefit from this initiative, but mainly also from everything that will happen after the happening itself. 'San Marino Aerospace' is the starting point. So, a bit like we organizers like to say, it is not the 'one' edition, but the 'zero' edition...".

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San Marino Aerospace: the organizer Raffaella Greco
Raffaella Greco is the organizer of “San Marino Aerospace” and legal representative of Titano Aerospace and Innovation Technologies Srl, a company based in Borgo Maggiore

What can you tell us about your company, which might even seem like a "new entry" among non-experts, and its activities? What are the plans for the future of Titano Aerospace and Innovation Technologies Srl?
“You are right, since TAIT is a new entry for the world of professionals, but since we are all people of common sense we knew from the beginning, when the project was presented, that we had important relationships and collaborations with those who live in this world. TAIT, in fact, does not have the presumption of talking about aerospace, but of acting as a collector for important companies and important initiatives. And on October 25th and 26th we will prove it!”.

What was and what will be the contribution of the American Chamber of Commerce, and of US diplomacy in general, to the event?
“It was and is very important! We found it in the Ambassador John Mazza, contact person for AmCham also in the Republic of San Marino, a fundamental support. As I said before, he captured the essence of the project already in its embryonic stages. He knew how to weave the right relationships to bring companies together American at 'San Marino Aerospace'. The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy has also established a panel entitled 'Transatlantic collaboration in the aerospace and aviation supply chain', bringing prominent names from the US system. The true diplomatic part will begin later, but the first steps have already given excellent and certain results...".

The first "flag" on the Moon? It was white and made-in-Switzerland

San Marino Aerospace: Emilia-Romagna Region and American Chamber of Commerce in Italy
The American and Italian colors merged in the decorative smoke of the planes of an aerobatic team: the “San Marino Aerospace” event can count on the collaboration of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy

At "San Marino Aerospace", so to speak, companies of the caliber of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Collins, Magroup and Axiom will also "land", true giants of the skies: what made the difference, what led them to come to San Marino for your event?
“For reasons of confidentiality I will not reveal his identity, but the manager of one of these Big Companies, in a response sentence in an e-mail, literally wrote: 'We believe San Marino strategic for our growth'...".

Beyond the happening in and of itself, will there be an “RSM-branded” future in the aerospace sector?
"Absolutely yes! Let's say that the happening will be the most playful moment, but from then on the real work will begin."

Aerodynamics and the innovative "art" of aeronautical design

San Marino Aerospace: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Collins, Magroup and Axiom
Companies of the caliber of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Collins, Magroup and Axiom will also be present at the first edition of "San Marino Aerospace" on 25 and 26 October 2023

“San Marino Aerospace” will take place every two years: what glue of initiatives or activities will unite one edition to the next in a virtual continuum? And are there already ideas for 2025?
“Here, 'San Marino Aerospace' will take place every two years. As I said before, this will not be the first edition, but the zero edition. We will start working immediately on the next event. And these are activities that will be accompanied by research, technical tables, conferences, hubs for start-ups, training and, naturally, by the birth of a cluster".

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San Marino Aerospace: companies in the aerospace and top aeronautical sectors
On Mount Titano in autumn companies from the aerospace and top aeronautical sectors, with a particular interest in the world of drones and space sub-contracting, technology and innovation

Even high school students and aerospace sector enthusiasts will have "citizenship" on Mount Titano, on 25 and 26 October, in a dynamic event for everyone: what is planned for the public, for the very young and for the curious ?
“Young people are our future, they will be the ones to design the next history of the world, to embody the society of tomorrow. The space economy, but generally the entire aerospace and aviation supply chain, will have a economic role and important employment. Here: in our small way we would like to increase this awareness and a little knowledge. We will use the classic 'wow effect'! It will be there Colonel Walter Villadei, astronaut and soldier Italian taste, to meet the boys on the morning of Tuesday 26 October. Afterwards they will all be invited and accompanied, naturally by our guests, to visit the exhibition part. If you want to carry out contamination and disclosure, it is unthinkable to do so by making school groups pay a ticket. And it will be wonderful to see the buses of students arriving on Mount Titano!”.

Is it possible to imagine a common thread or collaboration with other European microstates, or even located in other continents, for similar initiatives and partnerships?
“Yes, of course, but this will be the activity that will fall to the San Marino politics. We will try to put together a good event."

Yes in Bologna to the strategic forum for the aerospace supply chain

The Republic of San Marino has always cultivated a privileged relationship with the Emilia-Romagna Region for historical and geographical reasons. Do synergies already exist or are they imagined with the "Strategic Forum for the promotion of the regional aerospace supply chain", launched by the Bologna Council two years ago?
“With the 'Strategic Forum' we have created an excellent relationship. Both they and their companies, the projects and innovations they bring will be present. And thanks to 'San Marino Aerospace' a document will also be born which will sign the collaboration between Emilia Romagna region and the neighboring Republic. These are the first things we are proud of and which attest to the work we are doing."

How would Raffaella Greco describe herself to those who didn't know her from a human and professional point of view? In a nutshell, “who is she”?
“We have a slightly different image of ourselves than how others see us. Perhaps this question should be asked of them, of those who interact with me. Of course, I always try to work with my head and my heart, hoping to be able to do it well.".

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San Marino Aerospace: the official key visual
The key visual of the first edition of "San Marino Aerospace" includes a stylized propeller and the representation of a white golden spiral in the center