We haven't seen each other since yesterday on Facebook...

We haven't seen each other since yesterday on Facebook

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Just the other day I experienced on my homepage of Facebook quite a strange thing. I refreshed the page and listed the first twenty contacts separately. I hadn't seen most of them in over a year. Over 50% of unaware participants in this impromptu survey. I hadn't even seen some of them for at least 5/6 years.

It's true, I've been living here for almost a year Belgium, and I no longer live in the place where I grew 30% of my network for 80 years. So there is the fact that you go out on the street and you don't meet the people you know. But when I get back to mine Sicilia, and it happens frequently, I like to go around a lot, without wandering who knows what social events. I'm fine with walking on the street too. And the casual encounters I have are all singular, but always along the same lines.

  1. Hey are you here these days so???
  2. When will you leave again?
  3. Yes, yes, I saw that you put it on Facebook.

While granting the license, not at all poetic, of that messenger instead of a more appropriate "posted", this is the picture that I often find myself. And maybe many in my place dwell on the first two points. Maybe because they are the emblem of vagueness, of not knowing what to say. Because otherwise you wouldn't ask a person who occupies the same living space as you if he is there. And especially number 2. Mamma mia, terrible. Maybe I've just arrived, and I assure you that those who arrive in their place of birth never think of leaving. So what do I know when I leave! Yet I assert a in a few days.

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But the third observation is of deadly importance. It denotes how crucial the role of a social network, Facebook in this case, is. People no longer perceive you as unreachable, they don't even know you're far away, because social networks have depersonalized distance and that is why many people feel alone in a crowd. Because maybe he can feel greater empathy with those who are thousands of km away, without making them weigh on your shoulders, instead of feeling close to those who are physically next to you.

I find it wonderful to light up a platform one morning and see what mood it is Luca, what is the new idea of Carlo and what made him angry Mario. Many mistake this great opportunity for a nuisance. I'm not one to post everything, but I do focus on a couple of highlights from my day, and give a hint to who's beyond the screen. Maybe I struck a spark in Australia, perhaps in Austria someone pressed on View Translation, or my closest loved ones have felt, for a second or maybe more, the distance between us fade. Just a click.

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Everything beautiful? Yes, maybe. but the other side of the coin is that we risk making the information from Luca, Carlo and Mario enough for us. Since I read them several times a week it is as if we had met in the square. And that's why maybe I haven't seen them for several years. Seeing us every day, constantly knowing what they do and what they don't do, there is a risk that all this will be enough.

Difficult to take a stand? Do you want to know which side I'm on?

Simple. We live in a fast-paced world where meeting new people is much easier than it used to be. the opportunities are multiplied: only those who close their eyes do not see. This virtual crowd is an immeasurable value: we don't have time for everyone. Let's get it into our heads. And therefore it is good to devote oneself to important people, those who give the quid to your days, though Facebook they use it very little. At the same time, having a bulletin board dotted with all your friendships helps you feel less alone and less distant from everyone, and therefore this relationship may also be enough. Accept it as a value, not a limitation. Once upon a time you lost your middle school classmates. Today is your chance to see how they have changed. Everyday.

Everything related to social networks must be relativized for its role, and only in this way will you understand that seeing each other every day on Facebook with everyone, it helps you choose the right people with whom you can then enjoy the moments, those made with bones, breath and heart. Just a click.

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