Branding logo: the payoff and the institutional logo

The fifth step for an original, modern… inimitable brand!

If in the last analysis of this column focused on the brand we talked about design in general, in this focus we will deal one and only logo branding, i.e. institutional logo and payoff. Why so much importance to a single aspect? The answer is quite intuitive: the logo is not a detail among many (as could be the e-mail address or the url of the website). The logo is the very representation of the brand, it is its soul, its essence. If we compare a company to the human body, the logo could be the face! In short, we are talking about a crucial topic, which contributes to the success of a Facebook page, a newsletter, a landing page, and even an Instagram or Twitter profile.

From the social network to the brand strategy tools that we have seen in the dedicated article, the logo manifests itself in every corner of the life of a business. Difficult not to understand its scope, risky to underestimate its potential. Giving up a distinctive logo from the start it means running the serious risk of not being taken into consideration by the public. Conversely, showing off a winning logo is an intelligent and far-sighted move, which helps to slowly build the image and authority of a brand both online and offline. So let's see where to focus attention in order not to make mistakes and not to waste precious time and resources.


What values ​​does your brand embody? What style do you want to convey? What kind of audience is it aimed at? Questions of this kind are essential to develop a first draft of a logo (or why not, to start the process of renewing the current logo). It is one thing to present yourself to an elderly audience, it is another thing to have young people as interlocutors. It's one thing to manage a web-oriented business, it's one thing to manage a car and commercial vehicle showroom. And so on ad infinitum. If we look at the salient points of our business, we will discover that there are many variables involved and each can influence in its own way the creation of a winning logo. Together with the graphic designer or web agency to which we have entrusted, we therefore try to put on paper the essential answers concerning our work. Little by little we will know how to sketch our logo and refine it until we get a first model to develop. At this point… we can start over and design a second, third and fourth logo, each time exploring new alternatives and combinations of shapes and colors.


However effective it is, the logo born from the mind of a graphic or web designer will never be able to communicate a text message. To do this, not surprisingly, there is a payoff, a sort of slogan or short catchphrase that accompanies the logo itself in its appearances. It can appear above, below, alongside, but will never be a substitute for the logo. The payoff remains an additional logo branding tool, to be exploited with extreme awareness in order to avoid belittling the logo or, on the contrary, not enhancing it sufficiently. Characteristics of a perfect payoff include:

  • brevity: the payoff must be concise, two or three words are enough (Think different by Apple, Just do it by Nike, etc.)
  • evocation: the payoff must not describe but evoke sensations, emotions, moods
  • memorability: the payoff must be easy to remember
  • universality: the payoff is detached from temporal and geographical boundaries by their nature limited to a certain period or a certain territory
  • originality: the payoff must be modern and stand out from any other payoff in circulation

Giving voice to a logo with the payoff means giving voice to the brand and enriching it with a further distinctive feature. It's true: it's not mandatory to have a payoff, and in the national and international business landscape there are a lot of examples of brands without a logo (from Tesla to Paypal). However, the decision to have a payoff can be decisive to the extent that the brand alone is not capable of make the most of your potential of the company itself.


Although it is a rather delicate operation, the creation of a logo is too often overlooked in favor of investments in advertising campaigns or social media. However, it would be necessary to think by priority and define a list of actions in order of importance. Without an original and captivating logo, it will be more difficult to win over the hearts of the public, so why spend money to be found? Let's first think about the name, the logo and any payoff, and only in a second moment, even in a short time, let's focus on marketing. To create a logo that lives up to expectations, we will rely on specialized graphic and web designers, internal to an agency or independent. For the reasons we will explain in the last chapter dedicated to branding reputation, we advise against "readjusting" someone else's logo, and carefully checking whether the payoff we have in mind has already been used by someone else. Within our team we have capable professionals able to design the logo and the payoff in accordance with the customer's needs: if you also need this service, all you have to do is send us your request via email or via the contact form. Take advantage of it now!