But is blogging necessary?

Story of a spider on the verge of a nervous breakdown

This is a question I am often asked and every time I answer in the same way: it depends. It depends on the sector you belong to, it depends if you have something to say, it depends if you have something to write, it depends if you will be able to find the time to write, it depends if you have the budget available to delegate the analysis and drafting of the texts, it depends if you can to understand the logics that revolve around the blogging activity. Here, but what are the logics that revolve around theblogging activity?

In this article I'm going to tell you a story, perhaps a bit folkloric, but it will help you understand how to work seriously with the blog and how to take advantage of it in terms of SEO.

My neighbor, Mr. Francesco

When I lived with my parents, there was an elderly couple in the apartment next door. His name was Francesco and his wife Maria. Signor Francesco was perpetually in the house with his shoes on because he was forced to go up and down the cellar, where, like good southerners, they kept the stock (for an army) of food products for any eventuality, such as oil, sauce, pickles, sun-dried tomatoes in oil, aubergines in oil, and so on…

Signor Francesco's goal was not only the cellar but all the small shops in the neighborhood and the various supermarkets. At any time of the day, Mr. Francesco had to be ready to "carry out the order", or rather go and buy yet another ingredient needed for his wife Maria's improvised recipe. In fact, he always wore his coat at home because, as he said, he always had to be “ready to go”. In my opinion he was more ready "to run away" but this remained my poor point of view.

In my life I've met many people but I think Mrs. Maria was the biggest pain in the ass I've ever met. But they loved each other very much and this, however, remained the most important thing. In any case, I have always been left with the worm of how Mr. Francesco has never gone mad, that is, he has never lost his temper, if not at least in front of us, if not in a clear and salesmanlike way. However, the only thing that happened to him in recent years was that he began to suffer from severe disorientation, or instead of going to the shop next door he went to the cellar, or instead of going to the supermarket he got into his car and returned home after touring the neighborhood. , forgetting why he left the house. But come on it wasn't so alarming, having passed 80 everything remained quite justifiable.

But is blogging necessary?

Now let's go back toblogging activity. When you decide to insert a blog on your site, in most cases you do it because you see your competitor doing it, or because you are told to do it, or (more frequently) because someone told you that Google likes sites dynamic, or that prefers those sites where there is "editorial traffic". None of that. Your blog articles must come first answer specific questions, developed around informative queriesby intercepting requests from users. But not only. through theblogging activity you mature yours brand reputation and above all, you have the opportunity to advertise yourself at no cost, because the only form of investment is your time and your knowledge. But let's stay focused. The blog, in addition to all these beautiful things reinforce the context in which your website is located, creating a sort of “padding”. The bigger, stronger, and more well-made this padding is, the better chance your blog will be able to intercept your audience. But there is a but… The contents must not be created at random, it will certainly be necessary to make apreventive analysis of keywords to figure out which ones are the ones with higher traffic volume; or by navigating through the social groups, understand which are the most discussed topics, which therefore arouse the most interest; or they can be topics you know and want to spread, but the most important thing is the link structure.

A spider called Francesco

Often I see the pages of articles linked to each other without meaning, without a specific purpose. I find links placed there simply because a word was found in the text that could be linked to another article. Well, it could, but not because it really needs to be done. The blogging job must absolutely follow the site structure, therefore, if for example we have a services page that is the one we want to push and show more than the others, it is the one that must be connected by the blog article, not other types of intervention. Or, another powerful method could be that two or three articles point to a fourth article and the latter links to the page of the service we want to promote. So the scenario will be that the fourth article will receive attention from Google and pointing to the page that interests us will direct the Google spider to the page of the service. Otherwise we would not help the Google spider to follow the path we want it to follow but rather, we would make it disorient and go crazy, without making it understand what exactly it has to do, what structure and path to follow, with the risk of favoring a blog article at best. , perhaps less relevant, instead of the page that really interests us and that would help us monetize and convert better.


So to the question: is the blog useful? the answer is definitely yes, but only if done in a serious and strategic way, otherwise, instead of improving your strategy on the web, you would only waste time, certainly getting more damage than gain.