The call for the unpublished "ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date" is underway

Time until 10 September to send applications for innovative ideas and projects in the technological and digital sector and win 10.000 CHF

ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date: poster and key visual
The poster and key visual of the call for the "ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date" 2023

It opened on Wednesday 2 August the “ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date”, a new initiative signed by the Ticino Digital Evolution Association and awaited for its first edition.
It is a competition, or "call", in which innovative ideas and projects are evaluated and which is aimed at those who work in the field technological e digital.
To participate in the selection of projects and win the total prize pool of 10.000 Swiss francs, it is necessary to send your application by 10 September 2023 to the e-mail address
By 30 September a special technical jury will define the shortlist of 6 finalist projects, which will compete for the final prize in the context of a training day and of vision, lo “ATED Innovation Day”.
Precisely during this event, which will take place on 5 October in Lugano, presentations or pitches will be held, in "speed date" format, in front of a special observer such as theeconomist world famous Ernesto Sirolli and in front of an audience of professionals, students, entrepreneurs and local institutions.

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ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date: Cristina Giotto Boggia
Cristina Giotto Boggia is President and Director of the Ticino Digital Evolution Association

Cristina Giotto Boggia: "A success story that began in 2007 thanks to the 'ATED Recognition'"

“The specific objective of the competition or 'call for ideas' is to encourage innovative projects, providing concrete support to those among the most promising and futuristic in the technological and digital field and, why not, also sustainable. The competition is open to startups, companies and individuals who have already developed or are planning to develop a highly innovative project or study in this field. In fact, as an association we were pioneers in proposing in Ticino in 2007 the first competition for innovative projects through the 'ATED Recognition', sponsored at the time by our 'ICT Key Players', i.e. important Ticino companies active in the sector of the so-called 'technology of 'information and communication'…”, , he claims Cristina Giotto Boggia, President and Director of ATED.

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ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date: Luca Mauriello
Luca Mauriello is Vice President of the Ticino Digital Evolution Association

Luca Mauriello: "Over the years five editions of the award, with 71 projects analyzed and 8 winners"

“Over the years we have developed 5 editions of the award, with 71 projects analyzed and 8 winners. Times change and today the old competition that is part of our DNA is reborn, taking the form of the 'ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date', with the 'ATED Innovation Day' on October 5th in Lugano, as the ideal setting for rewarding the winning project together with an exceptional guest, for the first time in Ticino, Ernesto Sirolli”, he adds Luke Mauriello, Vice President of theTicino Digital Evolution Association.

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ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date: Luca Mauriello, Andrea Demarchi and Cristina Giotto Boggia
Andrea Demarchi, among the successors Luca Mauriello and Cristina Giotto Boggia, is Past President and Committee Member of the Ticino Digital Evolution Association

Andrea Demarchi: "This is a precious networking opportunity, thanks also to 10-minute pitches"

“On the occasion of 'ATED Innovation Day', the 6 finalists will have the unique opportunity to present and narrate their project live, in a 10-minute pitch, in the 6 rooms dedicated to the 6 business ideas. This is a valuable networking opportunity, which will allow participants to show their skills, knowledge of the sector and the concrete possibility of realizing the project. At the same time, the state of development of the proposed product or service, the degree of innovation and the ability to defend one's business idea in a competitive context will be assessed.", he recalls Andrea Demarchi, Past President and member of the ATED Committee.
“Furthermore, during the aforementioned 'ATED Innovation Day' we will have a very special guest like Ernesto Sirolli, who we are sure will be able to illuminate the minds of the innovators, students and professionals present with his speech. In fact, precisely his ability to listen and direct business ideas to take off from mere projects to real companies has allowed the development of over 55 companies at all latitudes".

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ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date: Ernesto Sirolli
Ernesto Sirolli is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Sirolli Institute International Enterprise Facilitation company

Jury enriched by economist Ernersto Sirolli, TED speaker with 4 million views

Technically, fromopening of the competition on 2 August there is time until 10 September 2023 to send your projects or business ideas to the address
By 30 September, a special jury qualified and identified by the Ticinese Evoluzione Digitale Association will select the 6 best projects received, which will participate by right in the event on 5 October at the Ciani Kindergarten in Lugano with a special guest such as Ernesto Sirolli, TED speaker with over 4 million views and one of the main ones world economists with experience in the field of economical progress overall.
On the same occasion, on 5 October, there will be the overall conferment of the prize pool (relating to monetary and material goods), which amounts to 10 CHF.

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The videotrailer of the "Swiss Virtual Expo" shown at the Città dei Mestieri

The launch trailer of the ATED4special solidarity project in Ticino

ATED Project Innovation Speed ​​Date: the Ciani Kindergarten
The Ciani nursery school in Lugano in Canton Ticino will host the "ATED Innovation Day" 5 on 2023 October