How users' habits in Google searches have changed: an analysis

What has changed in Google user searches in and after the pandemic? Here are some valuable data that we can exploit for our business

We are still light years away from the time when we will be digital enough to free ourselves from the need for Google. Having said that, our "dependence" on search engines evolves over time, changes and, just make a comparison between today and 2 years ago to understand that our The way you use Google changes quickly.

A self-respecting SEO specialist understands this natural evolution of things and studies its dynamics to derive maximum benefit from every aspect of his work. We took a look at the search trends revealed by Google in one of its reports to better understand what's changing, what's already changed, and what people expect from the new frontier of the search engine.

The analysis is based on search volumes between 2021 and 2022 and indicates which trends consumers will adopt or have already embraced.

Before diving headlong into what Google Ads Research and Insights reported, let's make a quick digression: what do users expect from shopping? If it's live, they expect it to be done at the times that suit them best, so maybe even in the evening. In the case of digital shopping, on the other hand, very favorable delivery times are always imagined. What do you think about it?

We stay informed on research trends to improve ourselves every day

Staying informed about consumer Google search trends is part of the core activities of digital shopping that aims high. This way you can ensure, without too many hitches, that the consumer chooses you and not the competition.

A few examples placed by Google show us how the need to have users "everything and immediately", especially in the post-pandemic recovery phase, is to level the digital experience with the advantages of physical shopping, without even the disadvantages of physical shopping . In short, very ambitious requests, but which can make it easy for you to understand what are the next steps to take in relation to improving your eCommerce.

  • Night shopping is growing. More and more users buy products at night. There is also a growing need for physical stores available "after hours" to purchase more or less necessary products.
  • Likewise, the need to identify is growing dog friendly restaurants and clubs, or that they also allow entry to dogs. This is valuable information to add if, for example, you have Google My Business and you want to make a difference over other local competitors in the area. If dogs don't bother you, let Google know!
  • A thorny, yet truly winning element? Assistance 24/7. A high cost and at the same time a precious asset when you find yourself making a purchase on an unknown eCommerce, perhaps at non-working hours, and you find yourself with unclear information available. For example, buying a gift voucher for a friend on a well-known clothing site last Saturday, I found myself with an absolutely incomprehensible summary email. I contacted support who only got back to me after 6 days. It cannot be said that they made a good impression on us and, certainly, having to choose, I will never again turn to this site for "expiry" purchases, such as a birthday present. In 2022, 24/7 assistance, especially for emergencies, constitutes a fundamental element of discrimination for many aware users. The request has increased by 500%.
  • Another constantly growing service is that of flower delivery next day. Do you think that the request on Google has increased by 800% in the last year.

As you can see, these are various and possible needs, not always entirely pertinent to your business. However, it is important to be aware of these dynamics in order to understand the importance of some behavioral evolutions that can lead us to new reasoning.

More searches growing for Google my Business

If you have a local business, the exit from the pandemic is a crucial moment to signal your existence on social networks and on Google My Business. Geolocating us makes us available, and a lucky combination of reviews and punctual information really makes us better than the competition. At least in Google's eyes.

People are looking for restaurants, clubs, locations where to spend the holidays and "things to do" in a certain city or locality. Take advantage of this opportunity to give your best through your local business that cannot fail to assert itself even on Google.

Google Searches: What Else?

Google finally reports “old habits” acquired during the pandemic which, despite the gradual release of restrictions, have not yet stopped shaking the rankings. In them we find:

  • Best movies streaming now
  • Plant shops near my house
  • Hair fashion this season


You are amazed by this research? Don't get caught unprepared and seize the moment. Fix your business and make it research-friendly. Only in this way can you really win the attention of consumers.