Candela C8: the "super green" electric motor hydrofoil arrives

People like the Swedish boat that respects the oceans and will change navigation forever thanks to innovative recharging and batteries Polestar

The green Candela C8 hydrofoil
The sustainable vessel Candela C8 at sea (Photo: Candela)

Is called C8 spark plug theelectric hydrofoil which aims to change our way of experiencing the sea. A sustainable boat with charging technologies and batteries of the highest level, supplied by Polestar. A unique vehicle of its kind that looks to the future and sustainability, showing off a very high electric autonomy, high connection, silence and excellent seaworthiness.

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Candela C8: the hydrofoiling technology of the C8 hydrofoil allows for a reduction in energy consumption
The hydrofoiling technology of the C8 hydrofoil allows for a reduction in energy consumption (Photo: Candela)

Spark plug C8, 95 percent lower cost after purchase

Candela C8 arrives after years of experimentation and testing, looking for a boat that could provide exceptional performance, respecting the sea. The technology deployed by Candela allows for greater electric autonomy and an experience that promises to change the approach to spearfishing and not only.

8,5 meters long, the hydrofoil offers a pleasant and fluid navigation, without forgetting all the comforts of any boat. Seating to accommodate as many as eight people, sundecks, a marine toilet, a cockpit and a spacious cabin equipped with beds.

And the price? Contrary to what one might think, the cost to purchase the Candela C8 is similar to that required for a conventional motorboat of the same range. The difference, however, lies in the fact that, once purchased, the vehicle has practically no driving cost, 95 percent lower than any other type of boat equipped with combustion engine.

Requires no oil changes or regular maintenance. When moored, the hydrofoil can be retracted beyond the waterline to minimize vegetative growth. In essence we are dealing with a boat with exceptional performance, ecological, which respects the sea and allows you to enjoy it for free.

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Candela C8: the hydrofoil in a sea trial (
The Candela C8 hydrofoil in a sea trial (Photo: Candela)

Spark plug C8, the technology hydrofoiling to reduce consumption

Behind the performance of the Candela C8 is the hydro foiling technology which makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by 80 percent compared to conventional boats, giving performances never before achieved with electric boats.

It allows you to reach 50 nautical miles with battery power and a speed of 22 knots. Furthermore, the efficiency guaranteed by C-POD is exceptional: it draws only 16 kW or 21 HP from the battery, it does not produce transmission noise or sound caused by waves breaking on the hull.

A perfect way to do your part in reducingnoise pollution at sea which, as we have already underlined, produces quite a few damages.

Even in adverse weather conditions, the Candela C8 reveals all its exceptionality. The trim controller adjusts the edges instantly, keeping the boat stable and level.

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Candela C8: the hydrofoil's Polestar battery pack and charging technology
The Candela hydrofoil Polestar battery pack and charging technology (Photo: Candela)

Fly-by-wire and automatic steering useful over long distances

Il fly-by-wire steering and autopilot also provide a relaxed and safe driving over long distances. As soon as the driver leaves the helm, the boat will follow the set route. The optimization is also incredible: Candela's engineers have worked to optimize the hull in stages.

Innovation and love for the sea are the basic elements of the hydrofoil with electric motor. Behind it is a team of engineers who have put their diverse knowledge into the field mechanical engineering sector, machine learning, machine engineering, hydrodynamic design, control systems, and software.

All of this is the result of a commendable initiative by the company Candela Technology AB of Stockholm, but with a subsidiary in Sausalito in California.

The secret of the success of this product? The will to create continuous man-machine interaction. All the settings of the electric hydrofoil – not surprisingly – can be controlled through a user interface by Candela and an app.

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The helm of the Candela C8
A detail of the Candela's helm station (Photo: Candela)

Electric boats, the future of the sea and the planet

Candela C8 undoubtedly represents the future of navigation at sea. An electric boat capable, finally, of competing with those powered by fossil fuels. This is because it configures itself not only as an ecological choice, but also performing, silent, economical thanks to low operating costs and zero maintenance.

A unique opportunity to encourage the transition to new navigation practices that are less dangerous and polluting for marine ecosystems. Important considerations especially if – data in hand – we discover that the nautical sector it is among the major contributors to pollution with fossil fuels. Sustainable boating is therefore not an option, but an imperative, which passes through the search for green innovations and technologies that respect the environment.

On the other hand, the advantages deriving from electric boats are numerous. They allow a zero emission navigation and ecological, they are efficient and do not cause any damage to natural habitats. They are also particularly silent, a detail not to be overlooked if we consider the vibrations and noises emitted by the boats. A sustainable, innovative and intelligent choice that looks to the future and tells the true love for the sea.

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The innovative "super green" Candela C8 electric motor hydrofoil made-in-Sweden

The sustainable hydrofoiling technology behind the ingenious Candela C8 vessel

The visible advantages of the Swedish Candela C8 hydrofoil with an electric and sustainable motor

Candela C8: the hydrofoil during a sea trial
The Candela C8 hydrofoil during a sea trial (Photo: Candela)