What is a site's bounce rate?

What is a site's bounce rate?

How to prevent visitors from leaving your site after a few seconds.

Have you ever entered a site, panicked by the number of banner ads or by the loading times that border on those of the bible and, simply, run away after a few seconds? If this has ever happened to you, you have probably committed the crime of having raised the bounce rate of the site in question.

What is the bounce rate?

Englishism used to refer to the “frequency of rebound”, the bounce rate refers to all those visitors who arrive on our website and end up running away after a few seconds, bouncing away into hyperspace and towards more welcoming shores. You can check the bounce rate from your profile Google Analytics.

Why do visitors “run away” from our site?

There are various reasons why a user can decide to "bounce" away from our site. We have decided to list a few, for convenience:

  • The user may not have been comfortable with the interface, finding it too complicated, not suitable for mobile or, simply, unpleasant.
  • You may have experienced one slow page that loads too slowly for his taste. In this case it could be the fault of the web hosting.
  • The user may have understood in a few moments that he is on a page that does not correspond to the results he expected to see through his search intent. This person will leave the site to open another one and, possibly, will formulate the search again in the Google box.

What changes to make to lower the bouce rate?

As you will have understood, a high bounce rate corresponds to a rather negative value of our site, which we should try to improve through a series of activities aimed at changing this trend. Here are some ideas:

  • Improve the organization of contents and the interface, so that the material requested by the user is easier to find.
  • Target refinement: are we sure that the users who visit our site are really the right target? A customer who is there by mistake, and who realizes it, will immediately leave the site going to raise our bounce rate. Let's avoid wasting time both, and we aim to find keywords that can refine the target.