What is the Moz Domain Authority and how does it work

How many times, in your SEO experience, have you heard of of the authority of your domain? It is a set of factors which, put together, confer authority and security in the eyes of those who see it from the outside. It is a perfect cocktail of internal and external links, but not only, which will improve your image and, consequently, your ranking on search engines.

The more your domain is authoritative and respected, the more the website gets chances to appear among the search engine results. Come on, your brand benefits irreparably, becoming a point of reference for users who know they can trust a site that often appears on their search engine.

Let's take a fairly classic example: you have headaches and other specific symptoms. After phoning the doctor, go on to self-diagnosis, which never hurts. Type in the symptoms and… voilà! What appears on the search engine? I'm pretty sure that one of the first results you'll find belongs to the domain “Mypersonaltrainer” – always complete and authoritative source on the subject.

How did that site become a point of reference for all those who want to know something about their health in the broadest sense? It's about hard work, dedication, knowledge of the subject. At the same time, there are professionals behind SEO strategies and authority who study every day the best way to stay relevant.

What is that?

For DA, that is MOZ Domain Authority, is a measure of the authority power of a given website. Domain authorities are calculated by evaluating root domain links, total number of links, mozrank and more into a single score that will help you understand what areas of your online presence are lacking.

To find out what your domain is worth, use this tool. It's free and very interesting. But what exactly happens once I've filled in the necessary data? And how should I interpret the score I receive?

The maximum is 100. The higher your Moz Domain level, the harder it will be to upgrade to get a high score, but don't worry. Building authority is time consuming work.

If your score is somewhere between 0 and 20, you probably have a newly registered domain or a very, very old one that has failed to accumulate many backlinks. If you are a local company, you can easily get out of this slump, achieving excellent scores, simply by exploiting the power of local SEO, a strategy that boosts positioning only in certain selected geographical areas.

If you have to rank on a national or international basis, however, the matter is a little different and slightly more complex. Let's go in order.

If your score is between 20 and 40 points, you are average for a website that has been around for several years now and has acquired some backlinks. This is a favorable growth phase, where the publication of relevant content is essential to improve the authority of the website. Don't give up: you're on the right track.

If your score is between 40 and 60, you are a medium to high authority website. This means that your domain is established, and you can proceed to implement an aggressive content distribution campaign based entirely on keywords, so you don't miss out on an opportunity to rank.

Anyone with a score above 60 is well on their way to popularity. An internationally recognized brand is usually around this score and tends to receive not only paid traffic, but also a lot of non-branded organic traffic, i.e. traffic that does not specifically refer to a brand but is based on generic use of the keywords.

Anyone with an authority above 80 is in an established and acclaimed position. Above this score, say around 96, we find websites like Wikipedia, Amazon and others.

How do you get interesting backlinks?

La building backlinks it takes time and work. A backlink is a link that leads from one website to another. A large number of quality inbound links helps improve domain authority.

What does quality mean? It means you can't build them yourself by creating a dummy site, but you will need your link to be spontaneous and used organically within other websites that have strong DA scores.

All backlinks that are considered harmful they are categorized as spam, that are bought or traded, or that lead to your site from an unclear entrance. In short, a bolt site would never link to a piece on trendy hair in 2021. Even links from websites penalized by Google are badly viewed in terms of authority. Before launching the audit again, always make sure you check the quality of your backlinks.