How to reach consumers with targeted advertising?

Studio Cappello aims to address users with timely communication and information that really interests them

Targeted advertising:
The 2022 turnover of Studio Cappello of the WMR Group has reached 6 million euros (+15 percent)

From online search engines to wish-targeted advertising. At one point she discovers that she wants to buy a shirt. You look around the shops, but you don't see one you like. You search the web among the various sites through search engines, price comparators, social networks, websites and since then your browsing is dotted with shirts. You find them on social networks, within the information site, in Amazon, in many of the websites you browse.

On the border between Padua and Venice, precisely in Campolongo Maggiore, it is based Studio Hat, digital marketing agency of WMR group, which aims to reach consumers with an advertising and a targeted communication with the information that interests them.

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Targeted advertising:
“This is how we guide thousands of people in their purchases”: CEO Andrea Cappello gives useful advice to everyone

Manage over 10 million views a day: “This is how we guide thousands of people in purchases…”

Were renamed the "007 data”, investigators capable of collecting data (directly or aggregated through the support of partners such as Google or Meta) that users leave browsing the web from PC or mobile and then process them in order to refine one individual communication e interesting for the recipient.

Many of the ads you see on the Web they originated from them. Every day the campaigns managed by the agency on Google alone generate over one hundred and fifty thousand clicks and are viewed over ten million times. If those of the other platforms for which they operate (Meta, Criteo, Pinterest, Bing, Mediamond, Sky…) were added to these data, the numbers would be even higher.

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Targeted advertising:
Big Data is processed to make strategic and operational marketing decisions on the Web

Silvio Zanarello: "We pursue the interests of the individual consumer in a more precise and, therefore, desired way"

“The purchasing path that the consumer makes online and offline, defined as the customer journey, is made up of various moments in which the person performs preparatory actions for the purchase, such as the preliminary search for information, price comparison, a visit to the store, the search for reviews and tests, the comparison with other products”, explains Silvio Zanarello, sales manager and co-founder of WMR Group.

“In each of these moments, the consumer leaves data on the Web, on websites or via mobile, data that is collected by the technologies that we implement on our customers' sites and Apps (respecting the boundaries of the law, of course) to form a database of increasingly detailed personal profiles of the person, or by aggregating such data in order to create clusters of users with similar behaviors and interests".

And yet: “In this way we are able to pursue the interests of the individual consumer in a more punctual, precise and therefore desired way. Our job is also to try to offer the shopper only and only the information he is looking for in relation to your intentions to purchase products or services, or in relation to your information needs".

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Targeted advertising:
Studio Cappello is a digital marketing agency that manages over 10 million views a day

The work of Studio Cappello: when the consumer arrives at the site that sells the shirt, eCommerce changes its face

Studio Cappello, main partner agency of the main online advertising circuits, manages communication and advertising on the websites where the user navigates, personalizing the advertisements on him; each user thus sees ads targeted to him, and different users can see different ads on the same site. Similarly, they can receive customized emails from companies to which they have given consent, or receive targeted information messages on Phone apps.

Studio Cappello therefore manages to "follow" the consumer by proposing advertisements with different graphics and texts depending on the site where he moves, the phase of his purchasing process, his particular desires at that particular moment.

But that's not all, when the consumer arrives at the site that sells the shirt, this e-commerce it will change its face based on the user's propensity to purchase and his particular profile and interests: there will be shirts of various kinds related to his wishes, if it is the first time he enters it he will have the welcome offer and a thousand other customizations.

Technology di Business intelligence, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning e Marketing Automation are the basis of this operation. THE Big Data are processed to make strategic and operational marketing decisions, with what is defined as a data-driven approach.

“As we like to say, our marketing is much more than a technique for selling products. It is the art of making people find what you offer immediately, and continue to make them love and prefer them over time"he concludes Andrea CappelloCEO WMR Group.

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Targeted advertising:
When the consumer arrives at a website that sells a shirt, eCcommerce changes its face

WMR Group: from strategic consultancy to promotion to guarantee the best mix of search and social advertising

The digital marketing agency WMR Group operates in digital marketing, from strategic consultancy to marketing services advertising and promotion, and specializes in performance marketing as well as boasting expertise for companies operating at an e-commerce and omnichannel level, in particular retail ones.

"The projects", they explain from the WMR Group, “are guided by strategic consultancy and include the best mix of search and social advertising, search experience optimization or SEO, data analytics, data intelligence, conversion marketing, marketing automation, training and support to the management”.

They are part of WMR Grouo the agency Studio Hat (among the most certified digital marketing agencies in Europe thanks to a data-driven approach, high expertise, advanced technology), Adlive (web agency specialized in the development of websites and eCommerce technically prepared to maximize performance and conversions) e WMR Hospitality (alongside hotels and tourist facilities for the growth of their business with consultancy services, revenue management and reputation management).

Turnover in 2022 reached 6 million euros (+15 percent) and 18 million in ADV and ADS were managed during the year. Today there are 75 employees, the company is certified "Great Place To Work" thanks to innovative smart working management choices and the spaces of the new headquarters in Campolongo Maggiore, in the Venetian area.

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The new headquarters of Studio Cappello/WMR Group in Veneto

The quality manifesto of Studio Cappello/WMR Group in Veneto

Targeted advertising:
In 2022, the Firm founded by Andrea Cappello managed 18 million euros in ADV and ADS