How do I use the new Google Search Console?

How do I use the new Google Search Console?

Let's explore the tool par excellence that allows us to answer the Hamletic questions of online positioning

He hasn't been called for a while now Webmaster Tools, but it is and remains one of the most useful and smart tools for doing SEO on your website: it's called Google Search Console (code name: GSC), and we'd like to explain how to use it, to guide you through the difficult path that will lead you to the golden triangle of the SERP.

The first thing to do when we decide to take care of SEO optimization and the positioning of our site on search engines is certainly to access the Google Search Console. It is the tool par excellence that allows us to answer the Hamletic questions of online positioning:

  • But do I really exist? Does Google see me?
  • Did I make mistakes? Can I correct them?
  • Do I know what I want to do? Where do I want to go? Did I enter the keywords I should have?
  • Did they rob me? Does my site contain malware or is it safe?

These are the most important questions, but the GSC Special Agent is also designed to answer any questions concerning the technical aspects, usability and habits of our users, in order to make them even more satisfied with what we do.

How to install Google Search Console

If you want to install the GSC, sign in with your Google account on the Search Console page. You can use one that already exists, and it's your personal one, or create one specifically for the purpose, so as to separate private life and work and no longer see those useless emails that no one knows what they want, such as payment reminders.

From here you just have to click on "Add a property" and enter your website, also mentioning the domain. From here you can start using the GSC by following the instructions in the tutorial, or skip it like real men and then come and read our guide. Just like that time with your first VCR.

Prove that you are the owner of the indicated site

GSC doesn't trust it right away: it needs you to prove that you are the owner of the site you want to register. To do it, download html movie indicated and upload it to your website, then verify by following the instructions. Google Search Console and WordPress? No problem, it can be done. Follow the instructions and paste the HTML tag shown in the header. You can also connect the GSC to Google Analyticsfor having access to really excellent reporting, so you can watch on your site that I miss Batman in Gotham City.

Now what?

Anyone who has dabbled in the world of webmaster tools for more than ten minutes he knows the importance of Google Search Console, but few really know how to use it. Here are some tips to blow the dust off a tool that can really help you make a difference on the competition.

Checking URLs and indexing

This tool allows you to check the URLs within your site. Run it and get a detailed report on any loading problems, the status code and any pages you can't launch. You will also find important information on the canonical tag and, last but not least, wonder if the Google spider has passed this way. If it passed, it means that your page is regularly positioned (more or less well, it depends on you); if not, you can force indexing without having to wait.

Sitemap.xml: this unknown

All SEO sites tell you that the sitemap is very important and try to explain why. We tell you this: would you go from Bolzano to Rome without maps, navigator or road signs? We don't, and neither does Google.

The sitemap is the first thing to do if you want to put all the talk about SEO and marketing into action writing for the web that we put in your head. All you have to do is enter the URL and click submit: the ok of the Google Search Console it will arrive in a short time, and you will be ready to go again. Reformulate your sitemap whenever you decide to make substantial changes to your website by changing the location of content.

404 not found: who has seen the content?

This section of the Google Search Console allows you to understand if they have occurred errors while scanning, there are invalid or unindexed pages, or if some content was excluded from the audit. So you can understand which pages are read by Google, but discarded.

Usability and AMP

Is your site optimized for mobile viewing? If the answer is not 100% positive, avoid uploading it and get back to work. In this section of the Console you can understand if there are any usability errors that occur when you view the site from a small screen, and remedy them. The "usability on mobile devices" section allows you to understand if the fields are legible, if the photos scale or there are areas that do not adapt to the resolution. In this way you don't have to carry out cross-tests on thousands of devices with different OSes, but you can limit yourself to carrying out a check from your beautiful Search Console, and surgically intervene.

Analysis and performance

The Google Search Console is an essential tool for preparing your website for debut on Google, but it also plays an important role afterwards. The reporting section allows you to understand and measure visitor behavior on your site, providing you with information on:

  • Search queries that bring in good traffic;
  • Position within the SERP for certain keywords;
  • Preferred devices for browsing your site;
  • Countries with higher volume of traffic to you;
  • Number of clicks and impressions and their ratio, or the CTR

Links that lead to your site

The winning SEO strategy takes into consideration i links pointing to your site and values ​​them. In this section, you will find everything you need to know about them and check if they actually work and are positively evaluated by the search engine.