DEM vs. Newsletter: the differences

DEM vs. Newsletter: the differences

Two terminologies derived from email marketing that are often associated, but which perform very different functions.

Tell me which email you want to send to your customer and I'll tell you who you are. Or rather: I'll explain it to you difference between newsletter and DEM, two terminologies derived from email marketing that are often associated, but which perform very different functions and, revelation, can coexist within an email marketing project that works. And it really works.

What is the newsletter?

In previous installments we explored the fundamentals of email marketing and asked ourselves how to write e when to send a newsletter, which is one of the most useful and effective tools for establishing direct and useful communication with the customer, but also an attractive way to gain their trust.

The newsletter is an informational update (and useful) periodical that the company sends via email to its users, disseminating interesting material on the news of the reference sector. Although having an undeniably advertising purpose, the newsletter performs the important task of:

  • Disseminate important content in a space dedicated to those who have chosen to follow you because they are interested in your material;
  • Create a trusting relationship with your customer not unlike the one you might have if you could talk face-to-face with every customer on your mailing list. This complex procedure includes all the activities that create loyalty and nurturing, anglicisms which, in short, serve to make us understand that the user must be pampered;
  • Keep the customer's attention high on our brand, with an eye on "how" this procedure is carried out (read: without annoying them)
  • Generate Traffic: Many marketers compare the newsletter to the front page of a newspaper. The titles stimulate the interest and invite the user to deepen the topic;
  • Branding activity: does the style of the newsletter suit that of your brand? Through a quality newsletter you can develop an effective customer relationship and, above all, enhance the image of your company.
  • Lead generation: Another complex English term to say that the newsletter is the most effective tool you can have to get new customers and new business opportunities.

What is DEM?

La DEM it's still an email, but its goal is more commercial. Essential tool of the marketing mix, or that cocktail of tools that a company must know how to combine, an expert alchemist, to advertise itself, the DEM is a lead generation tool dedicated to promotional communications which have the purpose of a call to action, or an invitation to accept an offer or to make a purchase.

Like the newsletter, the DEM has an advertising purpose, but it doesn't "hide" it, on the contrary! It is the most popular advertising tool for companies wishing to boost their turnover. As a rule, the mailing lists of a DEM are very effective because highly profiled and do not include all available users. For example: the electronic products site from which I regularly purchase equipment for my computer never fails to let me know when mice and keyboards go on sale, but kindly avoids sending me an email every time there is a sale on cameras, which I have never bought from them. In this way I am not bombarded with offers and promotions on a daily basis, but I only receive those that interest me.

This principle applies to a little bit of everything: the DEM on women's underwear will only be sent to women, carrying out an important initial skimming to ensure the effectiveness of the sending and, most importantly, to prevent those who are not interested from being overwhelmed by substantially unwelcome or irrelevant communication.