Digital Marketing: how to apply it to small companies

Even those who have one small company can exploit the benefits by making the right choices and using those tools that are the most effective for their business and their target.

When you think about the Digital Marketing, digital marketing, we usually think of big companies. To multinationals, more structured companies with large budgets available and - among the employees - experts in marketing and communication strategies. However, even those who have one small company can exploit the benefits, making the right choices and using those tools that are the most effective for your business and for your target. The important thing is to clearly define the objectives to be achieved and to be aware of the resources that can be deployed.

Let's see together, therefore, how Digital Marketing can help a small company to grow its business.

Don't overdo it: the watchword is concreteness

If you are just starting out, and you don't have an in-depth knowledge of marketing (digital or otherwise), the first precaution is to don't get carried away. It is useless to make up your mind to publish posts on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business every day, or to post stories and articles on the blog every day (perhaps imitating much more structured competitors): you risk only wasting your energies, without concluding anything or doing a little bit of everything, but badly.

The watchword, in fact, is only one: concreteness. We must proceed in small steps, choosing one field of action at a time. Only if you are concrete on social networks, blogs and from an SEO point of view can you build an authentic community, you can reach potential customers and there is less need to invest in online advertising.

The importance of social media and mailing lists

For a small company, the most important declination of Digital Marketing is represented by social media. It is essential to be present and know how to make the most of them, choosing the most effective ones according to the product/service treated: you need to analyze your customers, understand which platforms they frequent, which language they use.

If your budget permits, you can think about theInfluencer Marketing. How does it work? The most influential personalities on social media are identified in the market niche that one's company intends to target, and a collaboration is established with them. Obviously, it is important to evaluate not only their number of followers but also the interactions that their posts boast, and the way in which users perceive them.

It is then essential to build one mailing list, a list of contacts to whom news regarding offers, promotions and events can be sent via e-mail or text message: to convert contacts into customers, e-mail marketing continues to be very effective.

The value of content

Whether you choose to make videos or texts, keep a blog or update the news section of your site, i content they are fundamental. And it's important to know how to take care of them: you don't need to create advertisements, but follow the rule according to which 80% content should create value (and therefore be useful and interesting for those who read it) and only 20% be sales oriented.

Finally, the key is iInvest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and therefore on the lasting visibility of your company online. Only if your site is well positioned on Google, users can find it. And this is far more important than any other paid activity you are thinking of doing.