That disruptive rise of drones in the Indian subcontinent

Founded in 2013, the AEREO company (formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems) is transforming the technology hubs of Mumbai and the economy of the Asian country

Drones: Bangalore-based AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems, has transformed India's drone ecosystem
Bangalore-based AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems, has made a significant contribution to India's drone ecosystem

The use of drones is growing rapidly around the world, and India is no different.

One of the major players in the sector is the AEREO company, formerly called Aarav Unmanned Systems.

Founded as a startup in 2013 at theIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur, the company quickly gained a leading position in the manufacturing branch of the industry flying robots in the Asian country.

It is backed by well-known early-stage deep tech investors such as Auxano Capital, KARSEMVEN fund, StartupXseed Ventures, 3one4 Capital, GrowX ventures, 500 Startups, Ashok Atluri (MD of Zen Technologies), and so on.

It specializes in providing large-scale business solutions for a variety of sectors such as urban and rural development,agriculture, mining, construction, irrigation, the forest conservation, renewable energy and infrastructure development.

With the DroneHub an unprecedented… “aviary” for drone research

A growth in the sector due primarily to the agricultural boom

India is a large and diverse country with a wide range of sectors that can benefit from the use of drones.

THEagriculture, in particular, has seen tremendous growth thanks to the use of flying robots.

Drones can indeed be used to map fields, monitor crops and even spray fertilizers and pesticides.

All of this has led to an increase in the agricultural productivity and increased profitability for Indian farmers.

The use of drones in healthcare is the big asset of "Innovabiomed"

Drones: Vipul Singh, CEO of AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems
Vipul Singh, CEO of AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems, argues that drones are the true standard-bearers of change

Aarav Unmanned Systems: from young startup to industry leader

La Aarav Unmanned Systems, today AIRwas founded in Bangalore, the capital and largest city of the southern Indian state of Karnataka, by a group of young Indian entrepreneurs with a vision to completely transform the drone industry.

Initially a small startup, he worked hard to develop innovative technologies and customized solutions for customers.

Thanks to his dedication and commitment to excellence, the company has rapidly grown into a leader in this field.

Award to ProteusDrone, the soft robot with mutant shapes

Advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms for better performance

The AEREO stands out for its innovative technology and cutting-edge.

The company uses advanced sensors and smart algorithms to improve drone performance.

I flying robots of the former Aarav Unmanned Systems or AUS are capable of flying autonomously, avoiding obstacles and accurately mapping the terrain.

This advanced technology allows drones to be used in a variety of industries, includingagriculture, surveillance and inspection.

This is how the Atlas robot can already work and interact with us

A cloud platform that can be integrated into customers' IT infrastructure

Specifically, his technological solutions include PPK survey drones remotely piloted by highly skilled or automated pilots, with precise and customizable survey techniques, robust data processing and a proprietary MIETY-compliant cloud platform for viewing and sharing analytics that easily scales and integrates into customers' existing IT infrastructure.

Through this highly secure cloud platform, advanced business information and project metrics views can be accessed from anywhere in real time.

A new Anglo-Swiss fire-fighting drone to help firefighters

Drones: Bangalore-based AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems, has transformed India's drone ecosystem
Agriculture has seen tremendous growth in India thanks to the use of flying robots, which can be used to map fields, monitor crops and even spray fertilizers and pesticides

Robots in action on the fields: a real breakthrough for Indian farmers

THEagriculture it is one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy, yet farmers often face challenges such as lack of accurate information and limited access to resources.

Drones offer an innovative solution to these problems.

Using i flying robots, local farmers can monitor crop conditions, detect diseases or infestations, and make informed decisions to improve the yield of their crops.

All of this has a significant impact on the agricultural productivity and on reducing waste.

There's an innovative eDrone that collects environmental DNA in trees

The contribution of a modern enterprise to the entire ecosystem of Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is also a major center fortechnological innovation.

AEREO, yesterday Aarav Unmanned Systems, has contributed significantly to the drone ecosystem of the most populous city in the Asian nation.

The company has partnered with government agencies, academic institutions and other businesses to drive drone adoption and develop innovative solutions to land issues.

The work of Aarav Unmanned Systems has helped position the metropolis, formerly called Bombay, as a technological hub unique to drones in India.

A brand new drone for ultra-fast transitions between air and water

The future of great innovators and the national drone industry

AEREO has a promising future in the drone industry in India.

The company continues to invest in research and development to improve the own technology and offer increasingly innovative solutions.

With the increase in the adoption of aerial robots in various sectors of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, the company is well positioned to lead the sector industry in the large Asian country.

Swarms of 3D printing drones for construction and repairs

Drones: Bangalore-based AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems, has transformed India's drone ecosystem
The programs of the former Aarav Unmanned Systems, now AEREO in Bangalore, offer Indian and non-Indian students the opportunity to acquire practical and theoretical skills in the field of drones

Training courses and theoretical and practical programs galore for young people

The AIRPLANE also offers training courses and programs for those interested in getting into the drone industry.

The courses cover a wide range of topics, including the theory of aerial robots, their maintenance and repair, and the regulations in force in India.

Indeed, the former Aarav Unmanned Systems programs offer students the opportunity to acquire practical and theoretical skills in the sector, preparing them for a rewarding career in a rapidly growing business field.

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Aereo's end-to-end drone solution for the mining industry

Drones: Bangalore-based AEREO, formerly Aarav Unmanned Systems, has transformed India's drone ecosystem
Through a proprietary and secure MIETY compliant cloud platform, viewing and sharing of drone analyzes are possible, scalable and integrable into the customer's IT infrastructure