Ener2Crowd, the platform for investing in the energy transition

Becoming protagonists of the green revolution by helping projects devoted to sustainability: today there is a digital tool that allows you to do so

Giorgio Mottironi, one of the founders of Ener2Crowd
Giorgio Mottironi, one of the founders of Ener2Crowd, during the "GreenVestingForum", the first forum of alternative and green finance which was held on 27 October 2022 in Milan (Photo: Ener2Crowd)

The future will always be greener and, strictly speaking, invest in sustainable projects it can only be positive, both for the environment and for the wallet.

A revolutionary idea in its simplicity, which finds complete realization in Ener2Crowd, crowdfunding platform (and not only) which allows you to invest in projects devoted to sustainability.

In short, it is the classic bottom-up funding which, however, produces profits and revenues as the project in which it is invested begins to monetize.

Il paradigm shift is substantial: ethics makes its entry into the mono of investments for build a better future from which everyone will benefit.

The mission of the founders of the platform, then, is also another: democratize investments in favor of individual and collective progress through a widespread investment fund that supports the energy and digital transition. In short, the meat in the fire is really a lot.

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The birth of the project and its incredible growth…

Ener2Crowd is a young company, but the goodness of the concept behind it is so revolutionary that it only took a few years for it to become the largest community of ethical investors in Italy.

Over 7000 people registered for 12 million euros collected for projects that aim at sustainability. Founded in 2018 by four engineers, in 2021 it became one benefit company to then become an associate, last year, ad AceBenefit.

The idea behind the project has allowed Ener2Crowd to achieve the goal of 1 million euros raised in just 11 months without ever registering a default on the 65 campaigns concluded within the platform.

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Monetary collection trend of Ener2Crowd
An image shows the growth of the monthly collection trend from 2019 to May 2022: the growth is exponential (Graph: Ener2Crowd)

Ethical and sustainable finance that beats inequalities

The activity of Ener2Crowd has another important aspect of the coin. Invest in renewable energy and in projects aiming at the decarbonisation of the country allows simultaneously to redistribute wealth evenly, especially in a country like Italy, where 0,6 percent of current accounts own 20 percent of total liquid savings.

But how can this redistribution take place? The estimates made by Ener2Crowd answer the question: if 500 euros from each current account were used to support the energy transition, over 20 years the investment would reduce economic inequality by 5 percent.

Not to mention that, in view of a possible carbon tax future, decarbonising would save a lot on the pockets of citizens and companies themselves.

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Ener2Crowd at GreenVesting Forum
The "GreenVestingForum" was an important meeting opportunity for the increasingly large community of "Ethical Investors", whose intent is to invest in a better future, starting to build it right away (Photo: Ener2Crowd)

Becoming a "greeeinvestor" to decarbonise the country

As already mentioned, there are many projects that have found a large audience on this revolutionary platform, many of which are finished.

At the time of writing this article there is only one left (for now) to be financed by becoming greenvestor. And if for many finance is a chessboard that is difficult to understand, Ener2Crowd has tried to make the functioning of investments as clear as possible even for those who know little about finance. To become a greenvestor (ie a green investor) all you need is an identity card and a handful of minutes.

The creation of your own wallet then allows you to start investing immediately in the most suitable sustainable projects, and monitor your investment in the reserved area.

Repayment of principal and interest are then implemented through the foreseen amortization plan, but the good news is that every three months, for the greenvestor, it is possible follow and measure how your financial investment is going.

And it is not necessary to invest large capitals: too small amount paid every month and then reinvested with the interest generated allow you to generate a respectable accumulation plan. And the good news is that it contributes to the decarbonisation of the planet and the fight against the climate crisis. In short, the world wins but also the wallet.

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Average age of investors on Ener2Crowd
The average age of the major investors reflects the general trend of our society, within which it is above all the new generations who are interested in sustainability and the energy transition (Chart: Ener2Crowd)

Here is the complete identikit of the greenvestor on Ener2Crowd

But what is the profile of the people who have decided to invest in the aforementioned projects? From this point of view there are not many innovations, because they reflect the culture of investments in Italy.

THE83 percent of investors are men and only 17 percent women. However, women invest more, showing a greater propensity to look to the future, both for themselves and for the planet.

As for age, the national trend is also reflected in this case: they are the under 44 the largest investors, which fully reflects the interest in sustainability of the new generations. However, Ener2Crowd has set up a bonus also dedicated to the very young, which guarantees investors under 24 a 0.5% higher return on all investments, forever.

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Identikit of the Greevestor on Ener2Crowd
The profile of those who use Ener2Crowd by investing in projects related to the energy transition mirrors that of financial investments in general, with a clear male prevalence (Chart: Ener2Crowd)

Because it is right to invest in the sustainable revolution

The flag of sustainability must fly proudly in our future. It is not a habit, but a necessity. Contribute to decarbonisation it means fighting on the front lines against the climate crisis e give the new generations the possibility of having a future.

La ethical finance is one fundamental tool and investments become an excellent way to "bet" on a future devoted to ecology.

But there are also many other ways to contribute to the health of the planet and mankind, such as that of direct our consumption choices towards products with a low environmental impact or in companies committed to a sustainable business which, perhaps, also carry out projects related to environmental protection.

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Ener2Crowd: the Patagonia logo
The logo of Patagonia, a company that has given up its profits in defense of the environment: Yvon Chouinard, founder of the historic brand dedicated to sportswear, has sold the company entirely to a non-profit that will be committed to the fight against climate change and in the protection of virgin lands (Photo: Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

For a core business devoted to ecology

From nutrition to fashion, even the TRAFFIC and infrastructure enter fully into the green revolution. Municipalities and urban centers can and must create more resilient citiescapable of mitigating the effects of climate change and adapting to it.

Forestry and urban and pose of ecological road pavements and recyclables (from car parks to cycle paths and even pedestrian paths) will change the appearance of our cities, becoming the banner of a change that is not only possible, but highly desirable.

And there are many companies that are engaged in this sector: if Ener2Crowd aims to make the world greener thanks to the financing of projects devoted to energy transition, in the world of the aforementioned natural flooring there is, for example, Solid Earth, which aims to lower man's impact on the environment, in nature as well as in the city.

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The presentation trailer of the digital investment platform in sustainability Ener2Crowd

Ener2Crowd: a wind farm, or wind farm
A wind farm, or even wind farm, is a set of wind turbines (commonly called wind power plants or towers, and less correctly turbines, wind blades or windmills) located in a delimited area and interconnected to each other, which produce electricity by exploiting the energy of the wind