Extended Monaco: the Principality becomes an ambitious smart city

The State of Monte Carlo has accepted the challenge and is moving forward with determination towards a new world, welcoming digital technology

The Principality of Monaco becomes an ambitious smart city by opening the doors to digital technology
Monaco transforms into a smart city, opening the doors to digital technology. (Photo: Monaco Government Communication Department)

In 2020 the transformation of the Principality of Monaco began smart city, an ambitious project wanted by Prince Albert II. For more than seven hundred years the Monegasque state has faced various challenges and reinvented itself to preserve its independence and prosperity.

La digital technology today it is defining new international balances that influence society and the economy, but also the behavior of the individual. “As an attentive observer of the changes in our world, I am convinced that there is a need to bring my country into the digital age”, he said Prince Albert II of Monaco. He wants to transform the economic and social model of the country and its city. 

“Monaco in a digital world means making the most of all our talents, both those of our community and those of the men and women who come from all over the world to live, work and create wealth locally,” he added, supporting a smart city model based on attention to everyone's needs and an excellent quality of life.

Starting from three objectives, the Monegasque smart city embraces the digital age with awareness and conviction.

Building efficient and connected mobility links, improving the living environment through interaction with residents and obtaining better control of urban planning and main environmental indicators are the foundations of this innovative and ambitious project.

The official brochure of Extended Monaco (in English)
The official brochure of Extended Monaco (in French)
It will be "sustainability poker" for the Société des Bains de Mer

The metamorphosis of public administration

The digital transformation of the Principality's public administration is first and foremost the answer to a need: to improve the experience of residents in relations with the country's administration, thanks to a faster and more convenient process and optimized use of their data.

All teleservices will be accessible from a single portal, some of which will be mobile, where appropriate. The digital transformation of Munich's public sector is based on three pillars: digitalisation, support and training of officials, inclusion and well-being.

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Munich becomes an ambitious and innovative smart city
The Extended Monaco project brings the Principality up to date: the Grimaldi Forum is a very advanced place (Photo: Monaco Government Communication Department)

Mobility interventions to reduce traffic

To improve mobility, various initiatives have been designed in Monaco to enrich services and reduce traffic.

Connected shelters, true digital landmarks in the heart of the city, equipped with new services such as WiFi, environmental sensors, services for tourists and residents, and more; an application that allows residents, commuters and tourists to plan their trips by viewing all available mobility solutions; all with a denser offer than shared electric bikes, made accessible to occasional users; electric shuttles autonomous for passenger transport.

There will be particular attention to the needs of citizens and tourists to offer a comfortable and cutting-edge experience. 

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Monaco: Isabelle Bonnal, Director of National Education, Youth and Sport of the Principality of Monaco
“Our ambition is to make Monaco the first country in the world to offer such a high level of digital education,” said Isabelle Bonnal, Director of National Education, Youth and Sport of the Principality

Digital education and inclusive teaching

In the digital world, education finds new opportunities. The Monegasque education system focuses on tailor-made inclusive teaching and a very high quality of extracurricular activities.

Digital technology helps students acquire skills to succeed in the world by enhancing the means to a new learning experience in the classroom and the availability of textbooks also online.

Privacy protection will be a constant concern, with a level of data security that meets the specific needs of the Monegasque population.

Every year, the Educational Digital Technology Summit will help define, update and evaluate the portfolio of education-focused digital projects. This step will ensure a gradual and realistic implementation of technology to firmly anchor Munich's education system in the age of advanced information technology

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Health and the social sphere in the era of AI

For Monaco the use of digital technology in health and medical-social fields It is an opportunity both to improve, making it the most patient-centric system, and to demonstrate its ability to offer a quality of life that is among the best in the world.

It will be possible to put into practice advanced solutions for interaction, collaboration, empowerment, digitalisation, detection, analysis and artificial intelligence.

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Monaco retains its charm and opens up to digital innovation
Monaco attracts more visitors thanks to the introduction of digital (Photo: Monaco Government Communication Department)

Technological innovation galore

Data acquisition and exploitation will be the essential foundations for building a smart city. In the long term, Monaco will have predictive capacity in key areas such as air quality, noise, traffic and building energy consumption, through the development of “hypervision” and urban planning.

For the Principality of Monaco, digital technology represents an unprecedented opportunity to perpetuate and expand its social model, to make it increasingly attractive and to further strengthen its international aura. The Principality has unique resources to take advantage of the digital revolution: its size, its capacity for action and investment and its brand.

For the first time a government aims to combine the best that digital technology can offer and apply it simultaneously to all its public policies and its economy. For the first time, a government is openly willing to form partnerships either with local players or with global giants digital world, offering them an exceptional demonstration showcase.

Alberto Forchielli: “There is a lack of a single venture capital market…”

Monaco: for its Princes, digital technology represents an unparalleled opportunity to perpetuate and extend its social model, making it increasingly attractive and international
For Monaco and its Princes, digital technology represents an unparalleled opportunity to perpetuate and extend its social model, making it increasingly attractive and international

The values ​​of progress and responsibility

With a clear vision of its strengths and positioning, Monaco is developing a targeted strategy to connect digital players and financing in highly promising sectors, in line with its values ​​of progress and responsibility.

Munich's goal is to become a nation that finances progress, a global marketplace where progress is developed and financed. This new model supports a responsible and protective digital universe at the service of man. Monaco will be the place where progress is developed and financed, a nation that finances progress.

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Monaco: the Extended Monaco - Smart Principality logo
The Extended Monaco – Smart Principality logo

A Metaverse for all Monegasques 

It recently officially opened Metaverse of the Principality of Monaco through the DWorld platform and the Smart City Department of the Monegasque Government and the collaboration of some local businesses. Interested parties can register to access a personal area and explore the virtual city.

“We will create the world's first virtual economy for a country within the Metaverse. To do this we will use the latest technologies starting from virtual reality, NFTs, blockchain. Furthermore, every person who connects from abroad will be able to stimulate tourism and the local economy without even being present", said Manila Di Giovanni, CEO of DWorld. 

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Extended Monaco (the intervention of Thomas Battaglione)

Extended Monaco (the speech by Serge Telle)

Extended Monaco (Luc Jacquet's speech)

Extended Monaco (the intervention of Benoîte de Sevelinges)

Extended Monaco (the intervention of Jean Castellini)

Extended Monaco (Didier Gamerdinger's speech)

Extended Monaco (the speech by Frédéric Genta)

Extended Monaco (the speech by Marie Pierre Gramaglia)

Extended Monaco (the speech by Patrice Cellario)

Extended Monaco (intervention by Isabelle Bonnal)

Monaco: The Principality of Monaco has unique resources to take advantage of the digital revolution: its small size, its capacity for action and investment as well as its brand
The Principality of Monaco has unique resources to take advantage of the digital revolution: its small size, its capacity for action and investment as well as its brand