Google Chrome: how to set "dark" mode on all websites

It seems like a small thing, but the Chrome browser dark mode it's a small revolution that could help you in the daily use of your favorite websites.

How many times have we been blinded by a screen that is too white and bright in a context of dim light? How many times have we looked at an almost entirely blank page and felt a stinging headache and the irrepressible desire to punch the monitor?

La dark mode of Chrome allows you to darken the backgrounds of websites and menus, which tend to be much less annoying for the eyes. In addition, the dark screen also creates a little energy saving due to the use of AMOLED display (if you have it). This is in fact why more and more users have requested, in recent years, a "dark" mode to consult their daily internet.

Chrome version 78: "dark" mode

With version 78 of the browser, Google has decided to set Chrome in such a way that it can "Force dark mode", or make the background of the various web pages black, even in the contents. A decidedly less traumatic vision!

You can make the switching to “dark” mode when it comes to Google Chrome experiments section. From the search bar, enter the following string of code:

chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark

And then press Enter. At this point, Chrome will direct you to the list of experimental operations that can also be activated on your browser. There are many dark options and you can reset them to configure the colors you like best, choosing between shades of brown or blue alternating with black.

Currently, “forced” dark mode is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android Chrome, but always and exclusively in the experimental mode. It is probable that the function will be made official in the coming months, but for the moment it is only possible to use it in this way.

I can't find forcing dark in my browser

If you entered the code ma can't find chrome dark mode, you are probably using a version earlier than 78. Please update before trying again.