Google, finished the release of the Page Experience Update – Desktop: what to expect

Now that the update of Google Page Experience for desktop it is done, the experts begin to evaluate the changes and enter into the perspective of the innovations that this operation will bring to the positioning activities.

The update started on February 22nd and ended on March 3rd. A relatively short period of time compared to the one taken to update the mobile page experience, which took two and a half months.

What impact to expect from Google Page Experience for desktop?

Good or bad it will be, the desktop Google Page Experience update can be analyzed through Google Search Console, who dedicated a specific reporting to the impact of the update. If, taking a quick look at the page, you notice an increase in "red" or "yellow" pages, it is likely that your site has lost positions in the general ranking. Basically, the update negatively affected your work, and you will need to fix it with the right tools.

Why did you lose rankings with this Google Page Experience update? What did you do wrong? Let's try to analyze the dynamics piece by piece ranking.

What changes with the update?

Impossible to list with scrupulous precision all the changes made by the update to the Google Page Experience for desktop. However, some ranking factors have been recalibrated for sure. Among them: core web vitals, HTTPS security, and no intrusive gaps.

If your site does not obtain the authorization for all these parameters, even sensitive ranking losses could occur. Warning: this does not mean that your site is suddenly ugly. However, it is very likely that your site will be considered by Google less efficient than the others from the point of view of providing an information service. Improving the score of your page experience, usability and company can therefore help you get back on trend.

If your site meets the requirements for core web vitals, is equipped with HTTPS security protocol (and it would be now) and does not have intrusive advertisements that destroy nerves and user experience, it is very likely that instead you will not have encountered problems related to loss of ranking.

Want to make sure your site's pages meet core web vitals metrics? USA the Chrome extension to measure them page by page, and you will have everything under control at any moment of your navigation.

If you haven't been harmed by this update, as you most likely are if you stick to best practices, know that this update will continue to sift through search engine results, bringing out only the best. And besides, if the relevance of your content is high, you have little to fear. But remove the intrusive ads, for heaven's sake!