Thus the Swiss government intends to allow automated driving

Two Ordinances on the implementation methods of self-driving cars and on new opportunities for the economy and transport services in Switzerland

Automated driving: the Tesla Model
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Automated guided vehicles can increase road safety and improve traffic, as well as opening up new opportunities for the economy and transport services.
In the meeting of 18 October 2023, the Federal Council of Swiss Confederation has started the consultation procedure on two new Ordinances on the matter.
In spring, the Parliament Swiss had decided on the partial revision of the Federal Law on Road Traffic (abbreviated as "LCStr"), creating the framework conditions for driving automated.
Now the Executive specifies the implementation methods through two Ordinances.

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Ordinance on approvals: obligation to ensure road safety and traffic flow

Like all other motor vehicles, even those equipped with a automation system they must be approved to be able to circulate.
Furthermore, manufacturers must demonstrate in detail how road safety and traffic flow are guaranteed when the system is in operation.
Once activated the automation system, the driver will be able to release the steering control and will no longer be required to constantly monitor traffic and the vehicle.
However, he must remain ready to regain control of the vehicle at any time, when the system requests it or reaches its limits.
Automated parking without the presence of the driver will be possible in special areas, established by the competent cantonal authorities and marked by suitable signs.
Bern has decided not to regulate theuse of robots for deliveries, on which too divergent positions currently persist.

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Financial Aid Ordinance: Pilot and demonstration projects to test new technologies

The second Ordinance concerns financial aid for the promotion of innovative solutions for transport on public roads
The Federal Council wants to provide the possibility of co-financing pilot and demonstration projects for testing new technologies.
In particular, it intends to subsidize experiments on public roads, which would not be possible in the absence of financial contributions and capable of promoting transport sustainability, for example by improving road safety or the efficiency of existing infrastructure.
The consultation on the draft Ordinances will last until 2 February 2024.

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