Leonardo, launched the new AWHero remotely piloted helicopter

The drone with new technologies and unique capabilities was shown in La Spezia on board the Italian multi-purpose patrol vessel "Paolo Thaon"

Leonardo: AWHero is optimized to support a wide range of assets involved in a wide range of naval and multi-domain operations
Leonardo's AWHero is optimized to support a wide range of assets involved in a wide range of naval and multi-domain operations such as intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance, combating submarine threats, "electronic warfare", communications, border protection , combat support and protection of forces in the field, and can be integrated with the naval combat management system

During the "Seafuture" 2023 event, the Italian multinational company Leonardo, leader in helicopter transport, presented important modifications to AWHero, a remotely piloted helicopter drone for operations in the naval sector.

The changes are soon said: new "heavy fuel" propulsion system, modification of the cell, advanced modularity of the sensors.

However, AWHero maintains the solid configuration of rotors and transmissions, main avionics, data transmission and control station.

In particular, the "heavy fuel" propulsion system is based on an exclusive twin-engine solution that increases efficiency and safety.

In addition, airframe modifications have been made with significant operational and support benefits (powerplant integration, cargo bay capacity, systems/sensors integration and wider field of view, maintainability, stability on deck).

The advanced modularity of the sensors is embodied in the Leonardo Gabbiano TS Ultralight maritime surveillance radar for a wide and unrivaled coverage in any weather condition, while a greater survivability and cyber resilience.

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Leonardo: the configuration focused on the operational concepts of the AWHero drone
The changes implemented by the manufacturer Leonardo to the AWHero drone, presented on 5 June on the multipurpose patrol vessel "Paolo Thaon" at anchor in La Spezia, reflect the transition from the basic design to the configuration focused on operational concepts, in particular for operations in the naval sector

Gian Piero Cutillo: "A roadmap to maintain leadership in vertical flight"

"The AWHero is part of a forward-looking development roadmap that Leonardo is implementing to maintain its leadership in vertical flight, in the context of current and future technological evolutions that will lead to substantial transformations in this sector"Said Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters.

“Within this roadmap, uncrewed systems and their enabling technologies (i.e. automation/autonomy, communications, integration and sensor fusion) are key elements in which the company has invested significantly, while leveraging a fruitful collaboration with the Italian military authorities. The interventions carried out on the system and presented today reflect the incremental, but at the same time clear, passage from the basic design to the configuration focused on operational concepts".

And yet: “This is particularly true for related naval applications, which remain a priority market for this type of systems, capable of satisfying the extension of intelligence capabilities and operational context awareness with an optimized use of resources”.

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Leonardo: operates with fifty-one thousand employees worldwide.
Leonardo is active with fifty one thousand employees worldwide in the helicopters, electronics, aircraft, cyber & security and space sectors: it is a partner of the most important international programs in the sector such as Eurofighter

Leonardo is a unique company in Europe, able to provide complete solutions…

The Italian company participates in the international Eurodrone programme, a project managed by OCCAR (Joint Organization for Armaments Cooperation) which sees the participation of four nations and has an important strategic value for Europe.

Leonardo will develop the Eurodrone mission system, the MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) class remotely piloted aircraft intended to strengthen Europe's strategic autonomy in the field of defense with independent high-performance operating systems.

Thanks to the advanced suite of sensors that characterize the Airborne Mission System, the Eurodrone will be able to carry out Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconaissance (ISR) missions on sea and land, collecting and integrating, even in critical operating conditions, the data from the various on-board sensors, as well as to record and send them to the ground station and cooperating units, in order to provide a complete tactical picture.

The real-time fusion of information has the advantage of minimizing the time and effort required by operators to analyze and understand the events taking place in the area of ​​interest, consequently accelerating response times along the entire supply chain. command.

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Leonardo: The ITAR-free system will offer manufacturers a wide range of opportunities in development, production and operational management activities.
The ITAR Free system will offer manufacturers a wide range of opportunities in development, production and operations management activities and will generate 7.000 highly skilled jobs in Europe

One of the pillars of every new generation aerial system will be born in Caselle Torinese

The drone will be built entirely in the Leonardo plant in Caselle Torinese.

Le innovative technologies which the platform, designed for dual-use purposes, will make use of, will allow it to become one of the pillars of every new generation air system for the benefit of Governments and Armed Forces.

The twin-engine drone is the first unmanned aerial system designed to fly in non-segregated airspace and its modular design will result in advanced operational capabilities for ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance) missions, contributing to expand the technological basis independent in the uncrewed sector.

THEdigital approach in designdrone manufacturing and services will ultimately enable significant improvements in development time, quality and cost reductions.

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The presentation of the first version of the Leonardo AWHero drone in February 2021

Leonardo: the company is one of the leading companies in the aerospace, defense and security sectors globally
Leonardo is one of the leading industrial companies in the aerospace, defense and security sectors globally