Why is it still necessary to prioritize internal links in 2022?

In all strategy SEO that are respected there is always a part dedicated to internal links. The reason is easy to understand: they act as a glue between the various contents and allow the user to move easily between relevant keywords. Yet, for some reason, we often tend to forget just how good a good internal linking strategy is essential for placement on search engines.

When your site's SEO is failing, you can give the right fuel to the strategy thanks to internal links.

Why are these links so important?

Few but not good, more. As always. Internal links to a page, or an article, lead to general positioning of the site for those specific keywords a substantial advantage. We talk about technical benefits, i.e. those that help Google find the juicy pages of the site that lead to interesting keywords. But also benefits in the user experience, since through them the user will be able to explore related topics without having to repeat the search on Google - with the risk of not finding you again.

The potential of the backlink comes mainly from its ability to distribute PageRank, or that algorithm that Google uses to score web pages based on the quantity and quality of incoming links. External links cannot always be controlled, with the risk of volatility in the score. The internal ones, however, are your business. And you manage them in the best possible way, without smudging.

This dynamic, so beautiful and interesting, is often overlooked for the simple fact that very often the internal links to a page are misused. Misused links lead to poor results, and make you think that the whole internal linking system is a colossal waste of time.

When you use relevant links and avoid, for example, linking only to homepages or information pages, the PageRank value increases significantly, bringing results that can tip the balance in an SEO strategy.

What does relevant links mean?

  • Use internal links only when content they connect directly and they can create relevant and reasonable insight. Statistical reports are great, it's nice to have a direct link to a market research page – but who reads them, apart from industry experts?
  • I link in header they play a very important role in PageRank attribution: they are there, at the top of every page of the site, and if they are not of value, they have no sense of existing.
  • "breadcrumbs” are navigation links that help the user find their way around the site and play a very important role in the user experience.
  • Use internal links to connect yours to each other most important content so that the user does not have to leave a pillar to search with the internal engine and go to a related and equally important page. Take the strain out of him through focused activity.
  • The importance of anchor text cannot be emphasized enough. Links are important, but the text to which they are anchored determines whether these links are actually used and find relevance in the text. The anchor should be very relevant, keyworded, succinct, and completely natural.

How is your internal linking strategy?

Take some time to analyze the content on your site and, if necessary, carry out the due shifts in internal links. Trial – and error – is the basis of any good SEO strategy, and links are no exception in this regard. Don't be scared if crosslinking doesn't give you the desired results right away and keep hoping for better results.

In the meantime, remember to carry out regular audits on internal links. There's nothing worse than a link that doesn't work or leads to the wrong page, carry out checks and audits every two months to make sure everything is in order. Try Ahrefs' site audit, for example, to get all the information you need about link health diagnostics.

As always put yourself in the user's shoes and figure out what links they might be looking for a person who views certain content on your site. Make his life easier and show him that you have everything planned and under control. How do you deal with internal links? Do you have any advice for readers?