But do you know why you created your website?

But do you know why you created your website?

The quick creation tools they have shown that everyone can have a more or less beautiful site. What really matters nowadays is the message.

Slideshows, layouts, carousels, payoffs, liquid design, web hosting setup and SEO On Page content, and many other words that, listen, relate to various concepts of website creation, especially for those who have never created one. These are technical elements of web design that anyone can understand (and implement) with a minimum of knowledge and a couple of books on the subject. Words that ring bells in the head and that tell us something, but they don't necessarily help us when we want to create an effective site.

If less than 10 years ago some digital companies offered to build a website for their customers to "consolidate their online presence" - a phrase deliberately inserted and re-proposed in endless vintage PowerPoint presentations - we all know that nowadays, in 2019 , this is no longer even remotely enough. WordPress and other quick blog and website creation tools have shown that everyone can have a more or less beautiful site, more or less competently built. What really matters nowadays is empathy. The message.

Why did you build your website?

To this question, customers often give the following answers, which are correct in their way but which are somewhat incomplete:

  1. If you don't have a website, you don't exist. You are completely out of business. You've already lost from the start. You have created your website to consolidate your online presence.
  2. The creation of websites is now only a small piece in the complex world of "online presence". You can't explore the Internet without some authoritative someone blogging about the “10 Ways to Be Successful with Posts”, and the “5 Ways to Tell If Google Reads Your Posts” and the “25 Ways to Be Successful”. New companies are frightened by the strategic thinking that must be behind every word put online, coming to think that web design is a more difficult discipline than rocket science. So how can such a complicated tool really benefit the business?

On the Internet you don't play to participate, but to win the attention of customers in a digital world increasingly saturated with information and promises. Your website exists for three specific reasons: sell products and services, generate leads and consolidate the authority of your company. You got it right: authority. It is no longer enough for anyone that your site “exists”. It has to make a difference.

Our motto has always remained the same: do not expect us to have what you want, because we will try to give you what your customers would like from you. The creation of websites therefore it cannot be left in the hands of only a good technician (and even less to a geek cousin), because it passes through a series of creative and methodological processes that cannot be left to chance. And our expertise comes through competence, good taste, innovation, research, content, quality and simple ideas, to be implemented correctly and with professionalism.