A Christmas together with Innovating.Newsand what it taught us

Thoughts on our communication bridge between Switzerland and Italy, united by a passion for information and the way we love to tell it

Christmas for Innovando news
A digital Christmas tree for Innovando News

What would Christmas be without a reflection on the road we have traveled together?

The Swiss digital newspaper Innovating.News is not only a tool for companies and professionals thirsty for information: it is awork with many hands, project who has given us so much and one of the reasons why, every morning, we wake up with a smile on our lips.

Innovando is first and foremost a information service dedicated to innovation and sustainability, with an eye to everything that will one day be the future.

Earlier than that it was the dream of AndreasCEO Innovating GmbH, who lives and breathes the digital world as much as the real one. But also that of Gabriele, a longtime journalist, who has never doubted even for a second that he could get this far, as well as the analogous dream of the infallible Elisa, CFO of Innovating.News e Innovating GmbH, of Max, whose SEO support has been invaluable, by Roberta, combative and at the same time very sweet social media manager, as well as the cherished dream of Samuel, competent trustee and solid friend.

Today, Innovando is all of this and yet another thing: it is individual view of the authors who, with enthusiasm, write every day, transforming the information into experiences worth sharing.

Innovando News: the logo of the digital magazine Innovando.News
The logo of the digital magazine Innovando.News

A staff in love with quality journalism in deference to the reader

Without this collective effort, the hard work would be nothing more than a simple compilation. For this we must thank the enthusiastic pens of Agata, Erika, Serena, Valentina e Valentina need Giulia. And where would we be today without the great mediation skills of Maria Luigia e Caterina? How not to mention the magic keyboard of Gabriel Romanato, our developer? We could go on for hours, and these Christmas decorations that surround us would entice us to continue.

This is why a magazine or an online magazine is never just a tool: we are talking about an ambitious project, one collective effort. We're talking about a sacrifice e fatigue, misunderstandings and then smiled as the comments started pouring in. The first sign of a job well done.

Our professional and personal gratitude goes to those who, each according to their own competence and availability, have enriched our virtual pages with interesting content. I am Valter, Marco, Massimo, Alessandro, Francesco, Edoardo, Emanuele, Antonietta, Andreas, Lorenzo, Archangel, Sophie, Amelia, Susanna, Andrew Frances, Mattia, Angelica, Claudio, Elisa, Polly, Franc e Margaretta.

Innovando News: the logo of the digital magazine Innovando.News
The logo of the digital magazine Innovando.News

Information and passion: the foundations of Innovando.News

What is the secret behind good information? Una authoritative source it's not enough to produce content that, in 2022 or 2023, knows how to capture the attention of the distracted reader. Behind each article there is a work made up of research, afterthoughts, erasures and long pauses for reflection where we struggle to find the right words. The ones that make us tremble as we write them, and that we hope they can pass on the same pleasure to the reader.

Innovating.News he works with and for the Internet because his message is this: information cannot find the right dimension without the hand that produces it, and that believes in it.

A modern, effective and persuasive content is never just a fair copy list of notions. Every word is a brushstroke capable of instilling personality and that point of view that can only be found in a specific magazine. And this, for Innovando.News, together with hard work, has made the difference.

Innovando News: Christmas on the Web of Innovando.News
Christmas on the Web by Innovando.News

The priceless value of authentic content, even under Christmas

What is authentic content, then? It's a carrier of information and personality, but also a useful tool and at the same time an act of concern for readers thirsty for news. The importance of satisfying this thirst goes through the value.

Today as never before what we write on the Internet has such a great weight. A word spent during a speech has a meaning. However, a concept expressed on its own blog is a responsibility.

This means whatever a brand decides to share with his audience, on social media, in a magazine or more generally on the net, he makes a big difference. The said and the unsaid have a quintessential dimension in a brand's online communication policy. Here because Innovating.News manages to stand out and grows every day.

We conclude now with a little Christmas present for everyone those who are building their blog or their magazine. These are those who intend to enhance their brand through a communication tool like this. Be patient and passionate, fall in love with each item as if it were your own little masterpiece.

The results will come, just as they came to Innovating News, which every day attracts the attention of increasingly large investors and eager to become part not only of a publishing project, but of what we can now consider a second family.

The road ahead of us is still long, but we hope to be able to travel it together with our readers.

The official presentation trailer of the digital magazine Innovando.News

Innovando News: Christmas is coming for Innovando.News too
Christmas also arrives for Innovando.News (Photo: iStock)