Nonino, a... welcoming grappa with innovative communication

This is how in the homonymous village the Friulian family offers a tour to the heart of production with a final tasting of the new liqueurs

Borgo Nonino: the public's welcome at Persereano in Udine
Borgo Nonino welcomes the public in Persereano di Udine, Italy, at number 2 via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour

On 21 July 2023 they were hosted, for an entire afternoon, at Borgo Nonino of Persereano, in the countryside Friulian from Udine, two families, one Italian-Ukrainian and the other Italian-Canadian, for a tour of the distillery and a tasting of grappa and amaro. At the end of the visit, a convivial aperitif and the usual photos were organised.

It is an innovative way of communicating, capable of capturing the attention of journalists, enthusiasts and tourists.

On this occasion, the kind Mr. Tommaso received the guests in different languages. After coffee and its "Napolitude", we can affirm that there is another Italian regional excellence, Nonino grappa with its “friulitude”. These are unique and artisanal products originating from the main region of north-eastern Italy, Il Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Leaving the Borgo Nonino, you have the clear perception of having changed your mind about grappa, amaro and aperitifs. No more consumer products relegated to the end or beginning of a meal, but emotions to try at any time.

Tommaso, after having explained with appropriate sommelier terminology and in great detail how to taste the different types of grappa and bitters, gave away his own recipe for a tasty risotto blended with Nonino grappa.

The first tasting concerned the high quality classic distillate to drink from the suitable tasting glass (in this case a flute to avoid heating the product) at a serving temperature of ten-twelve degrees.

It is possible to tilt the flute to smell the aroma: the most volatile part of the distillate releases aromas of fresh fruit, berries and grapes. After drinking, it is advisable to oxygenate the palate to ensure the return of aftertaste and aromas.

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Borgo Nonino: tasting glasses
The right tasting glass is paired with each type of product

From the tour of the distillery to tastings with the appropriate glasses

There is an explosion of aromatic flavours, with spicy and warming effects, an extraordinary and intense sensation of flavors that persists for several minutes.

Le Grappas and Brandy they are served at room temperature in a large glass (balloon). The product, after resting for a few minutes inside it, oxygenates and releases its aromas, and the nose-palate harmony is completed. The sequence starts from the delicate flavored distillates and then moves on to the aromatic ones, concluding with theAmaro and a delicate freshness Cocktail.

During the tasting, the correct way to smell and taste the products is extensively illustrated, placing emphasis on the personal relationship between grappa and sensations arising from tasting the fruit of the peculiarities of the Friulian territory, added to the memories and experiences of each individual.

Tasting therefore becomes an experiential journey of sensations, memories of essences, smells and flavors linked to each person's personality, in relation to what the territory and its centuries-old traditions offer.

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Borgo Nonino tasting room
The tasting room of Borgo Nonino (Photo: Stefano Salerno)

Borgo Nonino awaits everyone for a unique experiential journey

But let's go back to the beginning. Borgo Nonino is immersed in the Friulian countryside, made up of seven ancient rural buildings dating back to the Napoleonic age. We find the cellars used for aging grappa and Amaro under seal.

Five hundred meters away are the Nonino distilleries, close to ten hectares of woodland created by Benito, all bordered by Alpe Adria cycle path that reaches the sea.

It all starts from the vine cultivar grapes, selected for several generations together with expertising and a good balance between tradition and modernity. This has given rise to a product that is an Italian regional excellence recognized worldwide.

The five artisanal distilleries have twelve discontinuous copper steam stills each, one for each member of the family, plus one still for each grandchild as a sign of continuity of thedistillation art.

On December 1973, XNUMX Benito and Giannola Nonino had the brilliant intuition: the Single grape variety, which connotes a unique, distinctive and differentiating character and makes every company a successful enterprise. They created single-variety grappa by separately distilling the pomace of the Picolit grape.

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Borgo Nonino: Amaro aging barrel
The barrel in which Amaro Nonino is aged for twenty-four months (Photo: Stefano Salerno)

For each type of product, a wood with a different seasoning

The secret of each Nonino product was simply the ability of the masters to extract the best of the heart of the distillate, discarding the harmful and less noble parts, all without forgetting the role played by the barrels, with their different woody materials and time. .

The woods used for the small barrique barrels are different, and among them we must mention Nevers Oak, Limousin Oak, Grésigne Oak, ex Sherry Oak and Acacia, Wild Cherry, Ash and Pear.

The distinctive and fundamental attributes of the Nonino method are at least three: one hundred percent distillation with an artisanal method, followed personally by the family, natural aging in small barrels and no addition of colorants for the aged spirits.

The Nonino family has been dedicated to the art of distillation since 1897 and its history is worthy of being detailed.

As already mentioned, in 1973 the Noninos revolutionized the way of producing and presenting grappa, creating the Monovitigno Nonino from a single grape variety.

On 29 November 1975 they established the Nonino Prize.

On November 27, 1984 they distilled the whole grapes and created Grape Distillate, certified by Ministerial Decree 20.20.84.

On 27 January 2020 Nonino was elected the best distillery in the world by a specialized jury.

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Francesca Bardelli Nonino Grappa influencer
Francesca Bardelli Nonino is the grappa influencer

Nonino carries on the family tradition with a renewed spirit

Orazio Nonino, the founder, was followed by Luigi, Antonio, Benito with Giannola, Cristina, Antonella, Elisabetta and Francesca Nonino, the sixth generation, therefore, of the owners of the Friulian liquor company of the same name.

The well-known grappa influencer Francesca Bardelli Nonino perfectly embodies the new paradigm of customer engagement, where it is essential to establish and maintain a deep, authentic and lasting dialogue with prospectors and enthusiasts.

Francesca's communication choices are supported by new research presented by the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, described during the conference entitled "How to Innovate Customer Engagement: the role of data and AI".

Where artificial intelligence does not reach, empathy, inventiveness and emotional intelligence still play a fundamental role.

Let's talk about the so-called “Nonino Law”, perhaps little known to most, masterfully praised by Francescan.

It is the storytelling of epic family events, which appeal to fans.

It is no longer just the narration of a product and the search for consensus, but rather a story of passion, dedication, culture and territory.

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Borgo Nonnio: Origins of the logo
The origins of the Nonino Company factory logo

This is how the “Lreads Nonino” is masterfully praised by Francesca

Let's get into the matter: “We are in the Nineties and the State decides that for aged grappas no excise duties are paid on the angels' share, the portion that naturally evaporates during aging…”, Francesca tells us.

The maximum limit set is a decrease of three percent. Officials from the Monopolies and Customs Agency note a drop of six percent (double what the legislation provided for).

The Friulian influencer continues: “the prospect was that of paying millions of lire in penalties, and my grandparents were desperate!”.

The difference in decline can be explained by the different dimensions of the barrels, larger than those taken as reference, smaller than those used by the Nonino family.

“Paying such a high penalty as an innocent person was unacceptable, and so they thought of asking Federvini for help. Thanks to them they met the right official. This is also because we use wild cherry, typical of our area, which gives wonderful aromas during aging, but which is much more porous and therefore much more subject to evaporation...".

A new experiment was started, during which the drops resulting from the use of barrels of different sizes were compared. Thanks to this field experimentation, the Ministerial Decree was signed, which approved a reduction of up to six percent for the smaller barrels.

In this way the “Nonino Law” was born. “Who would have thought that, behind a Ministerial Decree, there could be such a good grappa!”, concludes the influencer.

Francesca Bardelli Nonino is not only an evangelizer of the products of the historic family, but thanks to her own style, strong emotional intelligence, specific expertise and communicative competence she has become above all an evangelizer of emotions.

And this is how we like to conclude these reflections, thinking that we have narrated an extraordinary epic passion, vision multigenerational, quality e innovation…

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The Amaro Nonino commercial with slogan and hashtag #thatsAmaro

Borgo Nonino: the block of flats
One of the blocks of the Nonino town (Photo: Stefano Salerno)