Paolo Lutti: "Innovating means going beyond one's certainties..."

The entrepreneur from Modena has condensed notes and considerations resulting from a long experience in the field in the book "Concentrati sul problema".

Paolo Lutti: CEO of Servizio Protetto and CEO of Prodomo Servizi
Originally from Pavullo nel Frignano in the Province of Modena, born in 1978, Paolo Lutti has been CEO and Founder of Servizio Protetto since 2021, Chief Executive Officer of Prodomo Servizi since 2005 and subsequently author of the book of analysis and reflection "Concentrati sul problema"

When a business owner wants to share the ideas he has developed in the course of his human and professional experience, what does he do?
When an entrepreneur wants to stimulate and induce some reflections among those involved in the company management, what does it do?
writes a book and if he publishes it.
This is not a famous person or a "character" who wants to offer himself as a reference model. He only tries to push us to reflect on our daily lives, professional and otherwise.
The author of the volume "Concentrate on the problem" is Paul Lutti, an entrepreneur born in Pavullo nel Frignano, in the Italian province of Modena, in 1978.
After some experiences both as an employee and as a freelancer, he started his own business in real estate and consultancy services.
He currently manages nine companies operating throughout Italy.

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How did she come up with the idea of write a book?
“A convalescence and then the years of COVID forced me to reflect on the past and on some important encounters in my life. I started putting down notes and considerations which then, reread, rewritten and modified a thousand times, became a book".

Is “focus on the problem” an exhortation or an invitation? The accent makes the difference..
"The exhortation can only be addressed to ourselves, but staying 'focused on the problem' is the one and only way to find the best solution".

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Paolo Lutti next to Marcello Marchesini and Gian Paolo Maini
Paolo Lutti, CEO and Founder of Servizio Protetto since 2021 and CEO of Prodomo Servizi since 2005, at the presentation of the book of analysis and reflection "Concentrati sul problema", at the Modena Golf & Country Club, alongside Marcello Marchesini and Gian Paolo Maini

Introducing a different working method, especially in small businesses, is already a great innovation. In your opinion, how many entrepreneurs are really ready to change direction, especially in Italy?
“Being able to innovate means going beyond one's certainties and constantly questioning oneself, first of all as people and then in methods and strategies. Innovating means thinking about the future and unhinging judgments and preconceptions, limiting factors for the growth of each of us, our businesses and our successes. I'll answer your question by saying that in my opinion all entrepreneurs, in a nutshell, know they have to change. The problem is to do it."

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Is it necessary to have expectations to overcome old methods stratified over time?
"Certainly. Having high expectations means having gained awareness and method, factors without which these expectations remain dreams and do not turn into reality. Innovating is a journey, not an act for its own sake, and in this context only personal growth puts us in a position to know how, what and when to innovate".

Focusing on the success of our daily activities is therefore the necessary prerequisite for creating innovative and more effective working methods. AND this is the message what did he want to give?
"Exact. With my book I have only tried to give a different point of view, to be of help to those who want to change to improve”.

Change to improve, the problem to be "focused" on.

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Entrepreneur and writer Paolo Lutti interviewed by the Modena Valley press office

Paolo Lutti: company collaborators
Paolo Lutti, CEO and Founder of Servizio Protetto since 2021 and CEO of Prodomo Servizi since 2005, with his collaborators, to whom he usually reveals the secrets of innovation in the business and work fields