Let's talk about proximity commerce for your online business

Proximity commerce, e-commerce that puts the human side first

According to information from Netcomm, the Digital Commerce Consortium in Italy in which over 400 companies and entrepreneurial organizations linked to the world of knowledge take part, the world of eCommerce has made, almost without realizing it, new steps forward that will surprise you. Netcomm promotes the development of e-commerce and the digital evolution of companies by generating value for the entire Italian economic system and for consumers.

Yes, Amazon is still the industry leader and will be for a while, whether we like it or not. The future, however, is upon us, and takes the name of "click&collect"And proximity commerce. We are talking about phenomena that evolve continuously and have undergone a significant increase, thanks also to the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

According to Roberto Liscia, president of Netcomm, the click & collect phenomenon has exploded in recent months as a consequence of the pandemic and movement restrictions. When you can't buy directly from the store, you naturally turn to the Internet. And in this time of COVID-19 people have decided to place orders online and physically pick up the product in the storeby loading it directly into the trunk of the car. In this way you avoid queues, you are sure to find what you are looking for and you respect the rules of social distancing.

Well, according to data, this form of trade has grown by 350% in recent months. The last few weeks of lockdown have been crucial for the digitization of many channels which, previously, had to carry out the canonical retail sale. In other words, those who wanted to reopen had to do so in very precise and much more digital ways. In fact, proximity commerce allows the integration between the big e-commerce players and the small shopkeepers who, thanks to the logistics and delivery platforms, can reach the clients residents in the neighboring areas

Although the Coronavirus has catalyzed and accelerated the phenomenon, this new way of distribution could prove to be the key to a future omnichannel retail designed for the local economy. In short, new paradigms that are developed following criteria of sustainability and replicability with the application of technologies, management of the offer in a platform logic and capillarisation of the logistics network.

Digital technology always at the center of everything

Technology, as always, is the key to opening the doors to a future of simplification and automation. In this way it is possible to control access to the interiors of commercial establishments, monitor customer waiting times and improve all those aspects of the quality of service which are crucial today to leapfrog the competition. And in the digital world it is even better: the shops of a specific territory in fact, they can create networks and organize local marketplaces, gathering an ever-increasing number of potential customers at almost zero kilometres. And this is proximity e-commerce. An opportunity that connects not only the big players in the sector, but also small shopkeepers who can take advantage of more localized and widespread logistics structures.

La new direction of eCommerce, in other words, it is more geolocated than expected, and will also favor smaller companies, creating business where previously only the most important players were able to arrive with delivery by courier. So is this the future that awaits us? We at Innovando, personally, are thrilled at the possibilities these options have to offer.

According to the study conducted by Vidra in the last three months, over 1500 companies have embraced the challenge of digital especially in the Food & Beverage Fashion Clothing and Shoes Sport & Wellness sectors