The heavy damage to Italy due to the inaction of Payback policy

Instead of canceling the obligation of suppliers to cover extra regional healthcare deficits, Palazzo Chigi will have to defend it before the Consulta

Payback: the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic
Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic, in the presence of the fifteen judges of the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic: the Consulta was called in 2023 to judge the constitutionality of the Payback law in the healthcare field

Everything as expected. Postponement after postponement, in Italy the Executive has decided not to decide on the Payback issue and, therefore, instead of seeking a reasonable solution to the problem, it will have to defend this mechanism, which is absurd to say the least, in the face of Constitutional Court.
The so-called "Payback" (in English "reimbursement" or "restitution", already described in our article entitled "From Payback a stab in the back of biomedical innovation" of 10 March 2023) has already had a devastating impact on companies in general, and on SMEs in particular, and will soon also have it on the National Health Service and we will see why below.
It is a law that imposes on companies Italian companies to reimburse part of their turnover in the period 2015-2018, for supplies made on the basis of regular procurement contracts, to cover extra regional deficits.
Frankly, it is something incomprehensible for Italians, including the writer; let alone for the top management of a multinational.
But how? Do the Regions, which manage public health, make mistakes in their budgets and exceed spending limits and does the State ask suppliers to help make up for that overrun? And all this after years?
They manage, spend more and then force suppliers to "give back"!

From Payback a stab in the back of biomedical innovation
Thus the Chinese Healthcare ecosystem winks at Europe

Payback: research and innovation are essential for good public health
Research and innovation are essential for good public health

From the (Roman) cradle of the law to a country of troubleshooters who are enemies of businesses

And to think that Italy was once the cradle of law, starting with the Roman one, complete with a capital "D".
The damage is collective because in this way the companies they are pushed to propose their innovations elsewhere in the world, to the detriment of patients being treated in Italy and therefore, potentially, of all citizens.
Obviously the experts have condemned the measure several times and are opposing it with all their might, but so far they have only obtained postponements.
Even the results of a survey conducted by Confindustria Dispositivi Medici on 137 companies in the sector, published by the newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore" in the November 21 edition, confirm that the damage the sector is suffering is enormous.
And, in the meantime, what does the Government do? He remains still. Deafening silence.

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Payback: the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic
The Italian Government, hosted by Palazzo Chigi in the center of Rome, has practiced a certain inaction on Payback in the healthcare field and will now have to defend the law before the Constitutional Court due to an exception raised by the TAR of Lazio

From the TAR of Lazio at least a providential question of constitutional legitimacy

Luckily the TAR of Lazio, the Regional Administrative Court hearing the appeals, raised the question of constitutional legitimacy because those legislative choices “could be unreasonable in many respects”.
Really, thank goodness.
The Government, not caring about the consequences of this climate of absurd uncertainty, has thus delegated the solution of the problem to the Council.
In practice he decided not to… govern!
It seems like a nightmare but instead it is the sad reality, and when it is over, whatever happens, we will find ourselves counting the damage in terms of layoffs, layoffs and a decline in foreign investments.
Alongside this, the aggravating circumstance of also having to rebuild lost trust.
Nice disaster.

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Payback: it was a stab in the back of the biomedical industry and innovation
Payback was a stab in the back of industry and biomedical innovation