SEO Copywriting: the power of content

The new Innovando guide for businesses

Whether you take care of a blog or a website, you certainly know how important this online showcase is to receive deserved visibility on the Internet. In this guide, we offer you a general overview of what you need to know about SEO, the secret martial art of sites that have made it.

Acronym of "Search Engine Optimization", SEO is a term that has made school and that follows a series of rather logical and intuitive rules, entirely aimed at improve the user's visit experience.

A beautiful site, easy to visit and consult thanks to SEO, is also a site that is ranks well in Google search engine results. The discipline that we are going to explain to you acts as a launching pad for your "online showcase", offering you the opportunity to make your space make the leap in quality it needed.

Social media, email marketing and related strategies deliver fabulous and measurable results, but the stable and lasting success that SEO can give you it can only be achieved by applying its precepts with passion and constancy.

In this guide we will explain to you how to configure your site architecture, also from the point of view of the contents, to give you the opportunity to get an overall idea of ​​this strange, effective discipline.

A quality vegetable garden

Many people will tell you that SEO is grown just like a garden: We couldn't agree more. Trust it to someone who loves and knows it and it will thrive. Put it in the hands of the "cuggino", and it will end up like rosemary when you go on vacation and leave the task of watering the garden to your child.

We can summarize the art of SEO with the simplest possible definition: it is that set of techniques and strategies that help you get on the first page of Google results without cheating or paying the search engine to keep you listed. This result, called “result organic”, is the best you could wish for for a visibility that provides concrete value to your business.


Are you cultivating your SEO backyard like we suggested you do? This strange, complex, unpredictable content art can bring your site to everyone's attention, but to do it better you need the advice of real experts in the sector. There are a thousand tricks and secrets that, when put into practice, help you improve your ranking: it's up to you to choose the ones that best suit the sector you work in and, above all, use them consistently and honestly, avoiding easy shortcuts and sellers that promise you incredible results in times never seen before. Because they have never met. And you won't meet one either!

Passion for SEO

We have been doing this job for years and we do it with passion, with study and a great desire to learn new things every day. In case this e-book has piqued your interest, don't be afraid to contact us or deepen your knowledge via the blog on the Innovando website. We work every day to develop a cocktail of information that is ideal for newcomers to the trade and for those who dream of seeing the leap in quality of their website. We can help you grow even more!

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