Smart and green: here is the new Chinese city designed by Aedas

In Asia, the Jinmao Smart Science City is being built in Changshu, an innovative urban center designed in harmony with the landscape…

Jinmao Sales Centre
The new Aedas technology hub will be built about half an hour from the Shanghai metropolitan area, and the Jinmao Sales Center is the first building in the complex to see the light, winning many awards from the world of architecture (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao )

THEcontemporary architecture aims to blend in with the environment, or at least to create buildings and structures capable of harmonize with the surrounding landscape, as a recent project by Aedas.

It's a new one wave, today resumed everywhere on the planet: the artificial world fades into the natural one to give life to a continuum in perfect balance, also from the point of view of shapes and aesthetics.

Also the China fits, and the new one Jinmao Smart Science City which is springing up in Changshu, about half an hour from the Shanghai metropolitan area, is proof of this. The first building built, lo Jinmao Sales Centre, becomes a real declaration of intent, as well as the aesthetic imprint on which the entire citadel will be modeled.

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A detail of the facade of the Jinmao Sales Center which, aesthetically, incorporates traditional elements of Chinese culture, such as glass verandas and flower gardens (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao)

A city of science, very ecological and intelligent

The designer of the work is the study Aedas which, precisely for the Jinmao Sales Center, received the honorable mention in the Architecture Master Prize in 2021. Last year, however, the project won the Asia Pacific Property Award in the Leisure Architecture category and the platinum medal for the MUSE Design Awards in relation to the Commercial Building category.

The idea behind the project, which will then also be taken up in the other buildings that will make up the Jinmao Smart Science City, is as simple as it is innovative: to create a new ecological and intelligent city, whose purpose is also to become the prime mover for the urban development of Changshu.

The Sales Center has in fact the important responsibility of communicating with the public and the city itself, becoming its main symbol.

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Jinmao Sales Center facade
A detail of the facade of the Jinmao Sales Center which, aesthetically, incorporates traditional elements of Chinese culture, such as glass verandas and flower gardens (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao)

A revolutionary science and technology district

The area on which the Jinmao Smart Science City will be built is substantial: the entire city will cover a total area of 469 hectares. In addition to the already existing Sales Centre, the urban center will also include residential, commercial and public structures whose aim will be to become the beating heart of Hudong, in the new southern city.

As it is easy to imagine, the project is very ambitious. Its construction, in fact, required a total investment of 11 billion.

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Jinmao Sales Center entrance
A detail of the entrance hall of the Sales Centre: referring to the aesthetics of the building, the architects of Aedas declared: "We want our visitors to be welcomed by a very ceremonious aesthetic, so as to create an atmosphere of quiet elegance that, overall, will characterize the entire Jinmao Smart Science City (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao)

Impact buildings yes, but integrated into the environment

As anticipated, the Jinmao Sales Centre reveals the soul of the entire project: the building, in fact, lives in the environment and integrates with it.

At a purely geographical level, it stands alongside Lake Kuncheng, the habitat of koi fish. And it is precisely to the latter and to the luck that they symbolize in Chinese culture that the first building of the Jinmao Smart Science City is visually inspired. The building designed by Aedas, in fact, imitates the natural movement of koi fish, introducing a curved architectural profile.

In front of the building, then, the element of water is also taken up, identified by a circular tank that produces the visual effect of a fish intent on jumping. In short, theaesthetics merges with the typical symbolism of oriental culture, also hoping for a prosperous development for this ambitious urban project.

Furthermore, within the site, they have been created green corridors of 30 meters which, together with the view of the Kuncheng lake, offer a very particular perspective and, above all, integrated with the surrounding landscape.

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A detail of the Jinmao Sales Centre
The circular fountain, of which only a portion can be seen in this photograph, has the aim of taking up the element of water so as to merge the building with the surrounding landscape, which also counts on the presence of a lake (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao)

Aedas: when innovation meets tradition

The visual description of the Jinmao Sales Center reveals another diktat of the entire urban space: far meet innovation and tradition, giving a unicum of rare beauty.

Il facade design, in fact, takes up the look of the classic Chinese gardens, with their traditional elements represented by verandas and flowered windows. However, the elements belonging to the past are associated modern materials, perfect for embodying the dual spirit of the project: a technological and innovative aesthetic which, however, does not deny its past at all.

The facade, in fact, is totally in glass and inserts a trapezoidal section inside it, perfect for playing with the sunlight, giving author's glimpses. In short, this first building represents the heart of the entire project, the execution of which is designed to create a unique point of reference within the city.

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A detail of the facade of the Jinmao Sales Centre
The cross sections of the facade create an architectural dynamism that plays with the sun's rays, giving a futuristic eye-catcher, but perfectly integrated into the landscape (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao)

The urban space changes to merge with the landscape

In our cities, space is universally defined as urban. Up to now the adjective has had little to do with the natural element, but things are rapidly changing.

Respect the landscape, inserting in it structures and buildings capable of living in harmony with it, it is a diktat that the most important architectural studios in the world try to comply with. And the results, to date, are breathtakingly beautiful. In an urban context that blends with the natural element, even the roads appear to be of fundamental importance.

And it is also in this sector that the paradigm is changing: vehicular, cycle and pedestrian paths become one with the surrounding landscape, without distorting it.

In this sense, the industry leader is undoubtedly Solid Earth, a company that made some natural and recyclable floors your workhorse andecology its mission. The hope is that this way of doing business can become the rule, and not just the exception.

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A short video explaining the innovative Jinmao Smart Science City in Changshu, China

Aedas: the rear facade of the Jinmao Sales Center
The landscape inside the Jinmao Sales Center also features 30-meter-long green corridors, perfect for capturing the natural element (Photo: Creatar Images / China Jinmao)