Everyone discovering automation in crypto trading

This is how the trading of financial instruments takes place where decisions are not made by us, but by algorithms and artificial intelligence

Automation in crypto trading: artificial intelligence
Automated trading is the approach to trading financial instruments in which trading decisions are made by algorithms and artificial intelligence

Automated trading, also called algorithmic trading or robot trading, is the approach to trading financial instruments in which trading decisions are made by algorithms and artificial intelligence.

First di start trading automated, you need to find a trading algorithm that suits your case.

This algorithm is based on specific criteria, rules and indicators that determine when to buy or sell a financial asset.

Algorithms can be created by traders, developers or companies specializing in the sector, such as exchanges.

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Automation in crypto trading: skills
In the method the ability to execute operations around the clock, the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data and the implementation of complex strategies

Where to actually find these new trading bots

Often, in fact, platforms of crypto trading they have them inside them, such as bitget which recently created a partnership with 3commas to be able to offer a trading solution automated to its customers using AI.

The algorithms of trading automated depend on real-time or historical market data to make trading decisions.

This data includes asset prices, trading volumes, technical indicators, financial news and other relevant factors.

Once the algorithm has identified a trading opportunity based on the predefined criteria, it automatically generates a buy or sell order.

These orders are then sent directly to the market via an online trading platform or broker.

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Automation in crypto trading: profit
Automated trading algorithms constantly monitor open positions, market conditions and risk parameters, allowing you to profit more often

How to limit any operating losses

The algorithms of trading automated systems constantly monitor open positions, market conditions and risk parameters.

If market conditions change or unexpected events occur, the algorithm can adjust its strategies or close positions to limit losses.

Before using an algorithm in a real trading environment, it is important to backtest.

This involves using the algorithm to analyze historical data to evaluate how it would have performed in the past.

Backtesting helps optimize the algorithm and verify its effectiveness.

Even during real-time trading, it is crucial to constantly monitor the algorithm to ensure that it is working correctly and to make any adjustments if necessary.

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Automation in crypto trading: cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies based on Blockchain technology, which are used to buy or sell goods or services and exchange value

Round-the-clock buying and selling experience

Il trading automated offers several advantages, including the elimination of human emotions in trading, the ability to execute trades around the clock, the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data, and the implementation of complex strategies.

However, there are also disadvantages, including the need for careful algorithm design and constant monitoring, the possibility of rapid losses in case of errors in the algorithm or unexpected market conditions, and the cost associated with infrastructure and to the data necessary to perform automated trading.

Ultimately, the trading automated is a strategy that can also be used to trade in crypto world, but requires adequate planning, development and monitoring to be effective and safe.

It is important to note that the trading always involves a certain degree of risk, and automated trading is not a guarantee of success.

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Automation in crypto trading: expert traders
Users who do not have the experience or time to engage in active trading can let the system copy orders placed by experienced traders

In reality, there are different types of automated trading

As we said, there are various types of automated trading.

An example is the one with AI. In the case of 3commas, on the Bitget platform, this method of automated trading has gained the trust of over 220.000 traders worldwide, with positive reviews from the majority of users.

The 3Commas management platform allows you to create custom strategies and signals for trading automated by cryptocurrency, which include long, short, composite (multi-pair) and QFL bots.

- trading tools advanced features of 3Commas are different: portfolio tracking: to monitor and analyze portfolios easily; bot models: to start trading with bots effortlessly thanks to reliable and profitable models; demo trading: to try trading strategies without taking risks using paper trading (a trading simulator); Smart Trade Terminal: To use advanced trading tools for optimal efficiency.

There are two 3Commas trading bots: DCA Bot: ideal for dynamic markets with frequent price fluctuations, allows customization or use of bot models (DCA bots can be set up for long or short strategies, as well as for futures or options trading, if the exchange allows it); Grid Bot: ideal in lateral markets thanks to small price movements (it is an excellent tool for creating profit opportunities from “boring” coins that bounce between support and resistance levels without breaking them).

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Automation in crypto trading: Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and digital international currency payment system created in 2009 by an anonymous inventor, known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto

Not just AI and algorithms: there is also copy trading

Another system that can fall into the category of automated trading it is also the copy trading.

Users who do not have the experience or time to engage in active trading can let the system copy orders placed by experienced traders, hence the name “copiers”.

Furthermore, a verifiable list of orders can provide a clear insight into the professional trading strategy, which can be followed and adapted to each individual's risk appetite; for this reason, copiers are often called “followers”.

The “followers” they can trade even without prior knowledge or skills and create your own strategy following the verified performances of professional traders, while having the ability to deliberately manage their operations.

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Automation in crypto trading: algorithm
Before starting algorithmic trading or trading with robots, it is necessary to find an investment "problem solving process" suitable for your case