Thus in Vaduz the "Digital Summit" sounded the charge of the three hundred

Assault of lovers of new technologies in Liechtenstein to listen to Christian Keller, Markus Gross, Dominique von Matt and other big names

Digital Summit 2023: organizers and speakers
The 2023 edition of the “Digital Summit” event in Vaduz: group photo for the organizers and speakers of the initiative (Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

The "Digital Summit", held last May 23 in Vaduz, shed light on the future of the Internet, hosting first-rate experts from all over the German-speaking European area, and beyond, who reached the capital of Principality of Liechtenstein for a highly anticipated happening.
True gurus such as the CEO of IBM Switzerland, Christian Keller, the ETH professor Markus Gross and the publicist Dominique von Matt indeed spoke to over 300 guests about the possibilities offered by the digital progress.
Connoisseurs of the subject and representatives of the new technologies sector narrated how current developments, quantum computers, theartificial intelligence or Metaverse are modifying and modernizing theeconomy.

Photogallery, the future of digital transformation in Liechtenstein
Results of the “Digital Summit” 2023 public vote (in German)
The future of the Web at the center of the "Digital Summit Liechtenstein" 2023

Digital Summit 2023: Sabine Monauni
The 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: Sabine Monauni, Deputy Head of Government and Minister of Economy of the Principality of Liechtenstein
(Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

The word to the host country thanks to Sabine Monauni and Martin Matt

After the welcome of the Deputy Head of Government and Minister of the Economy of Liechtenstein, Sabine Monaunithe head of the competent office Martin Matt provided an overview of the theme of e-government in the nation.
The sixth edition of the "Digital Summit" once again saw the participation of over 300 decision makers and enthusiasts of digital transformation also coming from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
The "Digital Summit" is in fact one of the flagships of the initiative, which has an international aura.
The initiative supports the monarchy ruled by Hans Adam II as the location of the digital transformation and is supported by over 55 companies and organisations, as well as by the Government and the Princely House of the Principality.

Injection of the future thanks to the “Digital Summit Liechtenstein”

Digital Summit 2023: Christian Keller
The 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: Christian Keller, CEO of IBM Switzerland
(Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

From the new electronic health record to the CEO of IBM Switzerland

Since the introduction of electronic identity, the information technology department has continuously developed other applications, such as the electronic health record or the services portal.
Other milestones are in the works, such as electronic building registration and digital business incorporation.
Christian Keller, CEO of IBM Switzerland, then looked into the future of information technology.
It has in fact demonstrated that technological development has reached a real turning point.
On the one hand, quantum computers make it possible to multiply computing power and therefore to solve previously unsolvable tasks; on the other, theartificial intelligence offers an almost inexhaustible potential for new applications.
He expressed optimism that the companies of the Liechtenstein and Switzerland will greatly benefit from these developments.

Photogallery, those 300 VIPs at the “Digital Summit Liechtenstein”

Digital Summit 2023: Markus Groos
The 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: Markus Gross, professor at the ETH Zurich and Vice President of Research at the Walt Disney Studios
(Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

That look at the Metaverse from Walt Disney Studios and ETH

Markus Gross gave an insight into the Metaverse.
The computer science professor Zurich Polytechnic as well as Vice President of Research of the Walt Disney Studios is one of the best international experts of Metaverse.
He showed the potential of virtual reality and space and explained which applications could be particularly important for companies.

In Liechtenstein a "Digital Summit" 2022 forerunner of the future

Digital Summit 2023: Fritz Kaiser
The 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: Fritz Kaiser, Chairman and owner of Kaiser Partner
(Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

Hilti's Fritz Kaiser and Nils Krönert for a "very current" Principality

Fritz kaiser, entrepreneur originally from Liechtenstein, instead presented a concrete project.
The great classic car enthusiast of the Principality recently launched a Classic-Car-Metaland to inspire new generations in favor of historic vehicles.
After the refreshment break, Nils Krönert, Innovation Manager at Hilti, gave a live demonstration of how the building technology group with its origins in small alpine state intends to digitize the activities of a construction site.
The new applications allow project participants to collaborate in real time between site and office workers to dramatically improve site productivity and efficiency.

Photogallery, the digital Liechtenstein happening in 160 shots

Digital Summit 2023: Stefan Metzger
The 2023 "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: Lothar Ritter, Chairman of the Board of Directors of, Stefan Metzger, CEO of digitalswitzerland, and moderator and specialist journalist Sunnie Groeneveld
(Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

The population and companies of two states offered to digitize

In the panel, two representatives of e digitalswitzerland respectively discussed the current state of digitization in the Liechtenstein and in Switzerland.
Lothar Ritter, chairman of the board of, e Stefan Metzger, CEO of digitalswitzerland, explained how their organizations support both the state and the economy in the digitization.
Both agreed that networking and exchange are particularly important in the digital age to involve all stakeholders in new developments in the digital transformation. Board reviews strategic plans

Digital Summit 2023: Dominique von Matt
The 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: Dominique von Matt, founder of the advertising agency Jung Von Matt
(Photo: Daniel Schwendener)

Dominique von Matt on the relationship between branding and new consciousness

At the end of the conference, the well-known branding expert Dominique von Matt illustrated brand management in the era of a new consciousness.
The founder of the marketing and communications agency Jung von Matt explained why brands acquire particularly strong value in times of crisis and showed concrete examples of well-known companies that have increased the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Innosuisse's start-up coaching arrives in Liechtenstein

The aftermovie of the 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Liechtenstein

The highlights of the 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Liechtenstein

Digital Summit 2023: the public
The 2023 edition of the "Digital Summit" event in Vaduz: the attentive audience in the audience of the initiative (Photo: Daniel Schwendener)