Video, the mission for the future of the four Swiss research centers

A film describes the poker of institutes of the Federal Institutes of Technology (EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI) in which the future of the world is being worked out

Swiss research centers: EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI
The cover of the video "4RI Research Institutes" of the Sector of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology: EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI

Climate change, energy transition, resource scarcity, species loss, people's health.
The world is faced with enormous challenges, which policy,economy , company they will have to face.
The decisions we make today will impact our future. And these choices must be based on facts.
These facts are at the heart of what the “4RIs”, the four research institutes of Federal Polytechnic sector, they do, day after day, in Switzerland.
They do this by exploring a variety of questions. How can we shape our future energy system? How to produce and store ecological electricity? How to synthesize alternative fuels? How do we use our water resources?
How do we build (and maintain) our infrastructure? What innovations support and maintain our health in an increasingly aging society? And how to reconcile all this with a completely intact environment?
These great challenges of our time are all interconnected.
That's why the “4RIs” are driving change together, often in support of Federal Polytechnic of Lausanne and Federal Polytechnic of Zurich.
The four research institutes of the ETH Sector are worthy of mention: they are theEMPA (the Federal Materials Testing and Research Laboratory), with locations in Thun, Dübendorf and St. Gallen, theEAWA extension (the Swiss Federal Institute of Water Science and Technology), also based in Dübendorf, the WSL (the Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research). based in Birmensdorf, and the PSI (the Paul Scherrer Institute), located in Villigen.
Their research is the basis of sustainable solutions and oriented to the future.
To turn these visionary solutions into reality, the “4RI” of Switzerland develop innovative technologies e they form talents which is urgently needed.
So that we can make the right decisions today for tomorrow's generations, the four research institutes of Federal Polytechnic sector they never stop innovating and a video made by Swiss Confederation accounts for and celebrates their activity.

A positive year for the "Federal Polytechnic Sector"
2,7 billion in 2023 to the "Federal Polytechnic Sector"
There is an innovative Internet for Swiss research institutions

EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI: the four research institutes of Switzerland (in English)

Swiss research centers: EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI
The Federal Polytechnics Sector in Switzerland in its essential articulations: EMPA, EAWAG, WSL and PSI with ETH and EPFL