Native video and brand awareness because (by now) it is an inseparable union

I native videos have strategic importance for the brand awareness, much more than all those videos that are posted on social media and video platforms.

According to studies by Kantar, a data insight and consultancy company, 59% of respondents who researcheve a native video advertising is able to appreciate its usefulness, unlike 50% of people who receive it on social media and 51% of people stumble upon native video directly from video platforms.

Two words about this tool

Native videos are sponsored videos and promoted content offered to the public. Unlike intrusive advertising that attracts attention and disturbs the use of content, native advertising aims to immerse the advertisement in context without being annoying.

What is the difference between native content and promoted posts? The difference, according to the Guardian, is the ability to turn into viral content. The new viral forms of native advertising have the aim of avoiding the snatch of clicks just to, without a specific objective, with the sole taste and purpose of entering the navigation of a potentially targeted user, but not necessarily interested. In other words, the native arises from the need to further refine the content as a form of communication that generates value, and therefore also quality.

Nowadays the advertising videos it favors engagement in a much more decisive way than the usual textual content as an end in itself. This is why videos are so important on social media, and are so crucial in communication strategies.

Unlike promoted content, native videos aren't annoying: they do not shout from the rooftops their presence, causing a certain sense of annoyance. You don't need to mount very complicated descriptive videos of all aspects of the brand, and above all this kind of video must be capable displayed even without sound. Because not everyone who surfs the web has the opportunity to hear a voice speak. More and more often, in fact, we navigate in the "wrong" moments.

The future of advertising

Most professionals agree that native video is the future of advertising, and not only that, also of brand awareness. The data, for the moment, seem to confirm its strategic advantage.

According to Kantar's study, the benefit would have been measured against exposure to video on social media and video platforms.

eMarketer predicts US digital advertising spending will reach $270 billion in 2023, with video increasingly part of the marketing mix. More than half of the operators, in fact, firmly believe that video is the best possible format to generate value.

The research measured the effectiveness of video advertising in native environments versus other environments, and showed that native video improves brand awareness by 26% across the web. While the percentage increased to 49% when native videos were associated with a social platform.

So if you think that a video can't make a difference to your communication, give it a try. You will realize how essential this media is to access new market segments.