Web3 to counter the current abandonment of property rights?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Gaming as a resource to bring young people closer to the idea of ​​owning their own home

Property: the slow decline of the real estate sector
The slow decline of the real estate sector affects not only the GDP, but also many cultural and human nature aspects

Among the economic-social and cultural emergencies of our times, we find that of the real estate sector, which is at high risk of being compromised.
In fact, the world of property is highly at risk, and in particular that of real estate, above all if no way is found to convince the new generations not to go against the logic of one's own nature.
We find ourselves within a normal process of transformation: it is a disruptive wave of changes, with processes and emergencies that act as catalyst and accelerating forces.
To suffer from all this, many traditional sectors, starting from the real estate sector, and the rental market, which on the contrary is growing, will not be sufficient to guarantee its good performance.
Throughout this process of change, it should be remembered that human nature finds its full and sincere expression in individuality.

Sustainable construction: the… mushrooms protagonists among the green materials
Multi-story building in the Metaverse by the Pini Group-HELM alliance

Property: the first villa for sale inside a Metaverse
The first villa for sale inside a Metaverse is located in Pieve Ligure, near Genoa: it is a centenary luxury building and is offered in a virtual reality gallery that can be visited with an avatar

Ownership, in particular that of the house in which one lives, is the first manifestation of identity

The property and the house have always represented his identity and stability, so much so that their definitive compromise could have devastating and deviant effects.
The ownership of one or more properties, for residential, commercial or industrial use, is one of the clearest representative concepts of the property.
In fact, property is not only identity and possession, but integrates an important concept: that of oneself, one's body and one's value.
La culture and the livability that emerged at the end of the Second World War, at least until the end of 2019, was the result of a centuries-long journey.
Una culture it stabilizes precisely when it comes to be called such, ie when all the movements of thought, uses and customs that form it have identified the necessary compromises to remain stable and to be accepted because "acceptable".
Historically speaking, if today everything that happens, every political action and every scenario, added to everything else, is asking us to reset our culture, means only one thing, and that is that we are "at war".
The real estate sector is not just a question of GDP (in Italy it represents about a fifth of the Gross Domestic Product), but also a reality e a cultural identity common.
If a way is not found to convince young people to remain interested in the philosophical concept of owning a property for themselves and for one's family, in a few years the concept of real estate ownership, and of property in general, will undergo a definitive decline, which it will not only have economic repercussions, but above all cultural, social and psychological.

RESKIN: the innovative smart project for green building
An unforeseen research building in Dübendorf

Ownership: a motto of Confedilizia in Italy
Confedilizia, a historical association for building ownership, has been the reference point for houses and buildings since 1883

Confedilizia at the forefront with events in the area, but now it's time to speak to Generation Z

What will become of property, the pillar of the twentieth century, and of the identity of each individual, at the end and during this war?
The fundamental role of associations in the real estate and construction sector is taken for granted, but none of them has yet organized itself to communicate with the new generations.
For real estate, we find at the forefront Confidentiality (“building property association” since 1883), which is really committed and active in countering the ongoing attack against “real estate”, and all this also through good and constant operations and a lot of energy and presence on the territory.
The force of change is overwhelming and sprawling: a communication level and penetrability, i. are no longer enough social networks, the traditional Web and a very rich calendar of highly appreciable live association appointments.
Already now, the Generation Z it is not interested in the traditional associative "circuit" and the subsequent audiences of young people will be even less accessible.
To make and immediately guarantee the continuity of a cultural penetration in favor of real estate, communities should be created through the new Web as already happens in the logic proposed by the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, aimed at cooperation and gain through collaborations) and get in synergy with the numerous communities of Gaming, also in a logic of challenge.

In Lugano, the technological revolution in building becomes an event
A ring-building 550 meters high on the Dubai skyline

Property: the Made in Italy eco-village on Roblox by ITzoomers
The Made in Italy eco-village on Roblox adopted by ITzoomers

Communication strategies in step with the times to intercept and retain "allies" with vision ...

In the 3.0 world, made up of new fashions and sometimes impromptu trends, the real estate sector is conspicuous by its absence and by the inability to take advantage of the membership it could gain, and subsequently retain, giving life to a communication strategy in step with times.
An exhaustive article, which also recalls many articles in the newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore" regarding the most obvious attacks on the concept of property in recent years, was published by the "Consulenze Immobiliari" website: https://www.consulenze-immobiliari.it/cosa-succedera-alla-proprieta-immobiliare/
If the sharing of real estate among very many is the future of property and becomes the rule, then we will no longer be able to legitimately speak of property.
A project of shared ownership should remain such and be pursued only in the logic of a model in and of itself, not become the norm and therefore the way of living ownership.
“Among the worst evils of our day, 'doing good' and conforming in the name of form and trend stand out, or rather stop listening to yourself to please others until you do so without even realizing it anymore. Nothing is more counterproductive, harmful to health and unnatural than this, although logic and common sense should always prevail, since the truth is neither humble nor diplomatic", is an aphorism worthy of mention.

“House of the Future”: construction in Germany is increasingly green
Innovative relocation of a building at the Lugano station

The “Mars colony – the world after 2137 AD” according to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization “2137AD Cinematic Universe”

DAOs could allow self-recognition to those who do not want to give up their identity

Maybe it won't be a matter of completely winning over the changes we want to resist, but it will certainly be a new way of creating continuity, that is, building community and starting from the Website (gradually more and more decentralized), to then put it in synergy with those who instead started from the territory (or vice versa).
Today in Italy as in Switzerland, they are expecting real estate 3.0 projects that also guarantee a cultural penetration long-term, however on the internet there is still no trace of anything about it, if not a single initiative.
It is Itzoomers, the Generation Z community, present on Discord, not yet territorially organized, but close to creating various partnerships with projects territorial communities, and moreover real estate.
Among his projects, with a perspective like multipurpose DAO, there is that of bringing the management of real estate and condominium properties into the 3.0 world, creating a sort of community refuge village.

In Lugano, the technological revolution in building becomes an event
Unboxing Carbon, the catalog for building with real green materials

Property: data and trends in the real estate sector
Data and trends in the real estate sector of sales in Italy in the first two months of 2023 and in annual projections

What has really changed in the real estate sector in light of the latest digital innovations?

Blockchain and notarization in the real estate sector are still taboo for obvious and foreseeable reasons.
However, the use of QR Codes is on the rise, as is the use of web applications and furniture more and more intelligent for stunning graphic effects.
The best virtuals 3D tours however, those proposed by the special chamber still appear Matterport (which already has several years behind it), but that's not all yet.
Some real estate agency or company is proposing its first virtual office, while still circulating paper brochures and someone (a few) has begun to train aartificial intelligence for managing online requests, going beyond the use of a simple bot.

Theaters and the artistic world are turning towards more sustainable practices
In Lugano the eighth edition of the "Ticino Real Estate Exchange"

Advepa's 3D virtual offices for remote work

The innovative "Tower of Life" building in Dakar, Senegal

The area of ​​Tower 2 of the multinational Roche in Basel

The Made in Italy eco-village on Roblox by ITzoomers

Property: A building damaged by an earthquake
A building damaged by an earthquake that has seriously damaged the right to property