WooCommerce 4.0: What's new in the update?

THEeCommerce it is a turning point: for years companies have chosen to configure their online showcase to amplify the potential of their showcase on the world. People want to find the best product at the best possible market price, and for some years now they have been turning to the vast web market to broaden their choice options without making other compromises.

So launching yourself into the world of the web is essential to reach as many customers as possible who could be passionate about your story, your story and – finally – your product. Simply put, the world of ecommerce is no longer a negligible option for anyone.

La propensity of the public to buy online has now largely subverted the logic of the shop and the buy & sell as it was identified only a few years ago. And with a trend of continued vertical growth, we can't help but help you find new ways to enter the mindset that this is the future you're going to have to get used to. And we at Innovando are here to guide you towards the new digital horizons.

To make it easier for businesses to access this world of endless opportunities, comes the WordPress plugin for creating workflow-optimized eCommerce sites. We are talking about WooCommerce, which with its management panel upgrades and new reporting features guarantees you maximum control over everything you need during the life cycle of a website with online resale.

What's new for WooCommerce 4.0?

Forget about installing WooCommerce Admin: now this service is integrated with WooCommerce core and includes new, much more performing tools, in order to provide you with all the tools you need to improve your eCommerce in a completely intuitive and simple way.

What did they add? Give him tools for reporting and analysis, which are definitely improved over previous versions, right down to simplified notifications to help you understand what's going on, at any time. You go through an improved management of the store, with following reporting analyzes integrated directly into the dashboard.

A whole new dashboard

WooCommerce Admin allows you to customize the metrics and reporting methods based on the needs of your store and your specific business. You can set date ranges, choose how graphs are displayed, or categorize information to show data that's important to achieving your goals.

Interpreting the data is not an opinion, but how this activity is done helps you understand how the whole system works. Data collection and processing reduces costs by avoiding waste, so as to optimize the management of the entire system in a short time and with minimum effort. With its 14 different parameters, you will be able to view total sales, orders received, the average value of each individual order, returns, shipments and downloads. This information not only helps you understand which items are going strong: they are also valuable data for establishing effective communication with users. If you know what they want, you know how to sell it better!

Save time on eCommerce management

Notifications allow you to have a real-time overview of what is happening in your store. The new WooCommerce dashboard allows you to get an overview of:

  • Recent orders. From the type of products purchased, the status of the order, the date of payment and the status of the shipment.
  • Stocks. Realize with a few simple clicks how rich your stocks are. In this way, you will be able to restock the products that are going faster, or understand if you are running out of a certain item. Even this situation could help you change your site's communication, letting users know that their favorite product is running out.
  • Guests Book. What do your users think about the products you have for sale? Constant monitoring of reviews allows you to stay updated with the opinion of your customers, and possibly respond to their requests or complaints.
  • Alerts for additional tasks to be performed.