YouTube, Instagram, TikTok: Mare Media's original and targeted posts

Methods and strategies of the Milanese influencer agency on social media and social networks with the CEO and co-founder Arcangelo Caiazzo

Mare Media: Arcangelo and Fabio Caiazzo and Stefano Pisoni are the three co-founders of Mare Media
Arcangelo and Fabio Caiazzo and Stefano Pisoni are the three co-founders of Mare Media

Mare Media is an Influencer Agency based in Milan, which takes care of marketing campaigns, putting companies and influencers in contact.

Arcangelo Caiazzo, CEO and co-founder of the company, is the right person to explain the methods and strategies applied by the company to achieve the objectives and the satisfaction of its customers on social networks and social media.

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A company born in 2021 with the first campaigns on "TT"; strengths: original ideas and technical knowledge

Mare Media is an agency of Social marketing that is born, “primarily from our experience gained as a creator. The project took shape in 2021”, explains Archangel Caiazzo, “when together with my brother Fabio and Stefano Pisoni, growth hackers and Web 3 marketing expert, we started the first campaigns on TikTok in conjunction with the explosion of the channel, on which we decided to focus, understanding its potential”.

And yet: “Our approach immediately stood out for the creation of original content combined with the technical knowledge of social platforms, a method that allows us a highly data-driven development of campaigns and a punctual analysis of the results. In an era dominated by social channel management like Paid Media, we chose to focus on creating valuable content that rides trends organically through creators.”

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Mare Media: Arcangelo Caiazzo is CEO and co-founder of Mare Media
Arcangelo Caiazzo, CEO and co-founder of Mare Media, is the ideal person to explain methods and strategies applied by the company on social media and social networks, in particular YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, to achieve the objectives and customer satisfaction

"Content Economy": support to creators in developing their professionalism to enhance corporate brands

“The services we offer”, continues the businessman, “revolve around the so-called Content Economy, that is, on the one hand, we support creators in developing their professionalism on the various reference channels, such as YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok, and on the other, we connect companies and creators for the creation of short or long video content that communicates the messages of brands in coherent methods and languages ​​for the different platforms”.

These skills allow Mare Media to create customized strategies ensuring that brands communicate authentically and effectively.

"Today", adds Arcangelo Caiazzo, “we manage a pool of creators with whom we work closely: a collaborative approach that guarantees complete and balanced communication campaigns, offering a mix of contents to maximize impact and success on social platforms. Any type of product or service needs visibility to be successful. We work with companies in the most varied sectors, from entertainment, to football, to the fintech world".

In particular, “for each of them we build tailor-made projects: at the basis of our campaigns, there are not only successful influencers and creators with large numbers, but personalized strategies and a profoundly 'data-driven' approach to performance, which ranges from keyword analysis for SEO optimization, content creation, up to the choice of creators. Each campaign is studied and designed down to the smallest detail, also taking into consideration the trends and trend phenomena on the various platforms, including changes in the algorithms".

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Capturing the public's attention with authentic and engaging content: ideas for avoiding invasive advertising

Sui social traditional advertising is less and less effective: users are increasingly accustomed to the presence of invasive advertising and often ignore the ads.

To overcome this problem and better communicate the client's messages in any sector, the Mare Media agency develops communication campaigns based “on authentic and engaging content with the aim of capturing the public's attention and generating significant results for brands both in terms of awareness and conversion”.

“The campaigns we develop”, declares the CEO and co-founder of Mare Media, “in fact, they include a variety of formats, which mix evergreen and entertainment content. Tutorials, for example, offer long-term value: they represent real assets that allow you to build a solid online presence, constantly generating interest from the public. entertainment content, on the other hand, offers the benefit of viral visibility. A unique opportunity for companies to increase the visibility of their brand and reach a wider audience”.

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Mare Media: Fabio Caiazzo and Stefano Pisoni are two of the three co-founders of Mare Media
Fabio Caiazzo and Stefano Pisoni are two of the three co-founders of Mare Media

In one week, campaigns based on customer wishes: keeping pace with a rapidly changing society

“We are aware that the world goes fast, and we are well structured to keep up with it: in less than twenty-four hours we go from an email to the first introductory video callto explore customer needs. Then, within another day at the latest, we deliver the first campaign proposal”.

“On average, in 7 days we structure each activity on the client's wishes. But we know well that sometimes there is a need to speed up: there was once, for example, when ChatGPT was banned in Italy that a customer asked us to seize the opportunity. It was Friday, and the following Monday our creators released the agreed content. In short, we listen to the needs, plan the strategy and, at lightning speed, execute. For us, this means giving value to the customer”, concludes the entrepreneur.

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Mare Media: Arcangelo Caiazzo is CEO and co-founder of Mare Media