Ars Ventuno, dance, theatre, figurative arts. A school of life for children, teenagers and adults.

Dance, theater and visual arts: Arsventuno is all this and much more. The new website tells the story of the activities and work of one of the best social promotion associations. A place to follow training courses, participate in projects, exhibitions, cultural events and shows in the field of visual arts, theater and dance. Arsventuno is a set of ideas, a concentrate of energies, a living and pulsating world, where art is made, to know and to experiment.

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Arsventuno, the new website that talks about art, dance and theatre

Arsventuno, a new dimension of art at the service of everyone

Describing Arsventuno is not easy, because it encompasses many things, first of all the innovative power of knowledge and culture, the ability of art to describe the world, but also to change it for the better. In the classrooms of Arsventuno everything becomes a tool to stimulate creativity: the word, the colour, the gesture or the sign are elements with which one explores, plays and shapes emotions.

Arsventuno, the new website that talks about art, dance and theatre

Arsventuno, a new dimension of art at the service of everyone. (Objective)

The goal of Ars Ventuno is to tell our reality using modern languages and at the same time ancient, creating new opportunities for the future. It is no coincidence that the association brings together very different artists, with different ideas and projects, ready to pass on what they know to the students, taking care of them. Passion, knowledge and a different vision than usual, are the basis for creating a solid and complete educational, cultural and performative project.

Arsventuno, the new website of the association between dance, art and theatre

The new website is the perfect business card for Arsventuno: colourful, easy to understand and uncommon. Browsing it is possible to discover all the courses that are offered, from those for children and teenagers, to those for young people and adults. The training offer is wide and varied and touches the three key sectors of the association: theatre, visual arts and dance. The theater is suitable for all ages, it helps to overcome shyness, improves socialization and teaches self-irony, between play, freedom and poetry.

Dance is method, elegance and expressiveness, it favors the development of musical sensitivity, coordination and harmonizes the whole body. Finally, making art allows you to deal with color, material that is shaped, light, pleasure and form. Because art is a game, but for Arsventuno it is above all a serious matter.


ARS TWENTY-ONE. Arts Center, Dance, Theater and Visual Arts

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