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Young people and crypto: approaching the Blockchain

Young people and cryptocurrencies: how to find out more about Bitcoin…

How to help the masses, and especially boys and girls, enter the crypto world? It is important to offer online and in-person courses, workshops or seminars that explain the basics of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.
These programs can be incorporated into school or college curriculums or offered as extracurricular activities.
For example, Bitget, a leading Web3 company in the crypto exchange sector, announced the launch of its own leadership program.
The COO internship in Europe is a key chapter of Bitget's CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative, called Blockchain4Youth.
What to do to get closer to the generations active today
The planned training activities can be of various nature and are worthy of being listed.
These are: Trading Simulation, Games and Applications, Influencers and Social Media, Practical Projects

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San Marino: the ISERC Observatory on the Space Economy is born

San Marino: the “ISERC” Observatory on the Space Economy is born

On Titan, the collector of constant and cutting-edge research, training and scientific analysis, to support institutional and corporate innovation

Waterproof fabrics without PFAS: the Swiss study

Water-repellent and ecological fabrics: finally PFAS-free

EMPA researchers have developed an environmentally friendly method for waterproofing textile fibers that does not use fluorocarbon compounds

Trout life can be very risky

The very dangerous life of… lake trout in Switzerland

The risky "lifestyle" of the fish of the Salmonidae family that populate Swiss basins and how to best protect them: the EAWAG study

Healthcare and innovation: the success of the meeting in the Senate

Healthcare and innovation: the success of the meeting in the Senate

There is a unanimous desire to set up a table to develop legislative proposals, in order to improve the quality of hospital care