Photogallery, all the original works of the "AI Hope Machine"

The complete review of images created with generative artificial intelligence by the public during the "Swiss Digital Days" 2023

AI Hope Machine: at the “Swiss Digital Days” 2023, young people between 13 and 16 years of age created images with generative artificial intelligence
The example of an image created thanks to a generative artificial intelligence system during the "Swiss Digital Days", a traveling event that lasted in 2023 between 4 September and 6 December

As is known, the 2023 edition of the "Swiss Digital Days", organized every year by the digitalswitzerland initiative, ended with the sparkling "Lighthouse" event at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne on 6 December.

During this annual event, school classes and interested young people aged between 13 and 16 learned about Artificial Intelligence and how to independently create images with the help of it.

digitalswitzerland also looked to the future with the presentation of the “AI Hope Machine” and the announcement of a long-term partnership with the Verkehrshaus, which will make digitalization a permanent theme in the Confederation's most visited exhibition infrastructure.

The development and use of Artificial Intelligence is naturally one of the most powerful engines of our progress.

For this reason, at the final event of the traveling event, which lasted for around ninety days starting from 4 September last year, digitalswitzerland presented the "AI Hope Machine".

The project aims to create a collective image of the future, from the perspective of the next generation.

Thanks to the potential offered by deep learning and machine learning, thousands of voices of generations to come will become a single reality, an authoritative interlocutor capable of providing concrete answers to the questions that move young people.

The “AI Hope Machine” is developed in collaboration with Ringier and Samsung Electronics.

At the Lighthouse event, the best images created by the workshop participants with the help of AI were awarded: a photo gallery now rewards all the works produced by the public between 4 and 6 December 2023.

The series of events on the topic of Artificial Intelligence was made possible by digitalswitzerland and a donation of Swiss Post, the result of the proceeds from the auction of special editions of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 as part of the #RicardoForGood initiative.

Epilogue in Lucerne in the future for the “Swiss Digital Days” 2023
Thus in the "Swiss Digital Days" the future (re)becomes the present