An innovative financial aid for the young talents of motorsport

From Talents' Dream two fundraising methods: equity crowdfunding with Opstart and a reward system for non-professional investors

Talents' Dream: the logo
The Talents' Dream project logo on the fairing of a racing motorcycle

The new fund intended to invest in the brightest and youngest talents of international motorsport is born in Lugano.

It is in fact called Talents' Dream and is rooted on the shores of Lake Ceresio, in Switzerland, the new financial platform promoted to support their growth through the total or partial coverage of the costs associated with their sporting career and remuneration through image rights and sponsorships.

It was started by the Swiss Superbike Academy, founded three years ago and which today has five riders in three different competitions among its team of riders.

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Immediately a bouquet of kids of different nationalities

They are Alessio Guarnieri (Italy/Switzerland), Kavin Quintal (India) and Gonçalo Ribeiro (Portugal), who are competing in the FIM Junior GP World Championship, Martim Marco (Portugal), busy competing in the European Talent Cup, and Mirko Carpinone ( Italy), which runs the R7 championship.

The aim of the project will be to broaden the participation of young talents in senior level championships for both Superbike and Supersport 600.

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The crowdfunding project for motorsport Talents' Dream illustrated by Francesco Guarnieri

Two effective collection tools are already operational

The innovative initiative, unique at European level, opens to the market through two distinct collection platforms.

The first is equity crowdfunding with Opstart, through a campaign for institutional investors and beyond, with the subscription of capital shares in Talent1, an innovative start-up created specifically in Milan.

The second, however, without a margin of risk, is reward crowdfunding, intended to reach two-wheel enthusiasts, with a reward system made available by technical suppliers in the motorsport world.

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Talents' Dream: Roberto Rolfo
The two-wheeled champion Roberto Rolfo is the mentor of the Talents' Dream crowdfounding project in motorsport

Roberto Rolfo's very important racing support

This platform, among the first milestones, will see the support of Roberto Rolfo, already a "super champion" of the MotoGP, on the occasion of his participation in the third round of the Endurance World Championship in Suzuka (Japan), coinciding with his 44th birthday.

The participants in the Talents' Dream project will in fact be selected with the technical support of former riders from the international motorcycle scene.

For the first year, the company has already chosen the five talents, reserving further additions by the end of 2024.

The management of the project is heterogeneous: finance experts, analysts and technologists, who are already working on patents and ad hoc evaluation metrics for the performances of young champions, and former drivers.

It is a pool capable of best training talents and giving solidity to the investment fund in a synergistic way, with the aim of supporting the growth of drivers, expanding the value of image rights, which are increasingly relevant in the world of motorsport , and sponsorship contracts.

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Talents' Dream: Francesco Guarnieri
Francesco Guarnieri is CEO of the Swiss Superbike Academy and Project Manager of Talents' Dream

Francesco Guarnieri: “A decade of experience here”

“My experience in the world of motorsport dates back to 2015, when I started assisting two and four wheel drivers as an advisor”, comments Francesco Guarnieri, CEO of SSA and project manager of the new financial vehicle.

“By tying the threads between professional skills and personal passions, I decided together with other partners to create something that didn't exist: a regulated system to raise funds for young two-wheel riders through a principle of meritocracy. It is a network of enthusiasts, but not only, capable of creating the best foundations to give oxygen, speed and professionalism to the young talents of the future".

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Preparation activities for the Talents' Dream motorcycle competitions in Lugano

Talents' Dream: Alessio Guarnieri and Roberto Rolfo
The two-wheeled champion Roberto Rolfo and the young centaur Alessio Guarnieri are the standard bearers of crowdfounding's Talents' Dream