Russo-Ukrainian War: Is Artificial Intelligence Making a Difference?

AI plays a decisive role in the current European conflict, with Kiev much more capable of countering Moscow's soldiers and vehicles...

Russo-Ukrainian War: The Shadow of Artificial Intelligence
The shadow of artificial intelligence is spreading over the outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian war

THEartificial intelligence it is used in many industries, and the current war between Ukraine and Russia is really no exception.
In particular, Kiev regularly makes use of tools AI to locate soldiers and armored personnel carriers of Moscow.
There is a study, called “Advantage Ukraine: How AI is changing the balance of power in the war”, in which the use of digital technology in the ongoing European war is analyzed in detail.
The study states that artificial intelligence is changing the balance of power in armed conflicts, through innovative and advanced intelligence tools, and more.
And above all, the report in question explains that Ukraine has an enormous advantage precisely because Kiev uses theAI in a much more targeted way and also in larger proportions.

“A regulation on AI for military purposes is urgently needed”

From the Palantir company a software that combines satellite images and thermal sensors

For example, in Ukraine they work with software made available by the US company Palantir Technologies of Denver.
Thanks to this program, it is possible to collect various satellite images and other information through thermal sensors.
In this way, it is easier to identify the positions of the enemies.
In addition, Ukraine trains drones and AI systems capable of quickly recognizing and destroying the tanks and armored personnel carriers of the Russian opponent.
The Ukrainian regions of Kherson, Isjum, Charkiw and Kiew could only be saved in this way.
The drones used by Volodymyr Zelensky's forces are silent, small and easy to set up. Ukraine can spy on Vladimir Putin's troops and Russian territory with these tools, and all this in near real time.

Innovation is not to oppose technical and humanistic culture

Russo-Ukrainian War: Artist's impression of the confrontation between AI systems
Artist's impression of the comparison between AI systems in Kiev and Moscow

The difference between own or purchased deep and machine learning systems

Also, Kiev scientists use some programs of artificial intelligence prepared by themselves.
It is therefore easier for these analysts to examine audio material and images, not to mention the effective combination of ordinary radar photographs and heat maps.
In this case, it is also possible to detect artillery and missile fire and see in detail the location of the Ukrainian ground forces to defend themselves.
Russia, on the other hand, does not exploit the possibilities of the adversary.
Moscow does not use comparable software, i.e. that is equally well trained, but low-cost drones from China
And the latter are not able to coordinate the available data with each other.

Ukrainian crisis and the "digital responsibility" of fake news

Russo-Ukrainian War: The E-Enemy Reporting App
The E-Enemy App allows citizens of Ukraine to provide the Ministry of Digitization with news about the Russian Armed Forces

430.000 reports from citizens to the Ministry of Digitization in one year

Ukraine is not just making a technological effort with theuse of AI in military posts and installations.
Indeed, it is possible for the citizens of Kiev to support their own soldiers.
There is an application, called E-Enemy, where any resident can report the presence of hostile forces.
Within the program, one can transmit photos, videos and messages.
Over the past year, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digitization received about 430.000 reports

"Good first time" by the new reconnaissance aircraft of the Schweizer Armee

Russo-Ukrainian War: An abandoned Russian tank
An abandoned Russian tank during the war in Ukraine

A man close to Donald Trump plus the risk that individual rights will be violated

In addition to the enormous advantages that a country at war can have by using theAI, there are also some risks that should not be underestimated.
A drone trained with the machine learning and deep learning, for example, is able to kill enemies.
Indeed, the study asks whether it makes sense to regulate the use ofartificial intelligence in the war field.
Also, you can get to the spread of fake news about the war itself.
It's pretty easy to create and distribute them with the tools of theAI, effectively.
And society, including public opinion of the Neutral or non-belligerent countrieswould no longer know what to believe.
Finally, there is the fact that the cooperation between Palantir and Ukraine is criticized.
The main reason is one of the founders and sponsor of this partnership with Washington, Peter Thiel.
He is a supporter of Donald Trump and is accused of having pronounced some critical sentences against the food ecosystem, democracy and women's rights.
Palantir's software is also under accusation because it could transgress the rules protecting personal rights, gods sensitive data and personal data, being almost able to track people at any time.
It has in fact also been used in the United States to follow and observe migrants.

Aid to Ukraine? Innovation will be the sine qua non

Russo-Ukrainian war: the first tests in 2015 of a Ukrainian drone
The first tests in 2015 of a Ukrainian war drone against Russia

A gigantic step forward yes, but one that makes us reflect on the future in times of peace

On the one hand theAI can bring great advantage in warfare.
On the other hand, it can represent an additional danger, the use of which should be better regulated.
It is not even possible to know what the use of theartificial intelligence in the near future.
But it is obvious that a giant step has been taken in the war between Ukraine and Russia.
At best, national security could at least have come out strengthened.

Thus beat the drums of the First World War of the AI

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Russo-Ukrainian war: artificial intelligence plays a very important role
Artificial intelligence plays a very important role in the war between Russia and Ukraine and requires huge financial resources