Can you do a very efficient SEO directly on Amazon?

Can you do a very efficient SEO directly on Amazon?

54 percent of users skip Google and look for products on the… US sales platform: how to use it to place your goods

Amazon SEO is proving to be of extraordinary importance to better position your products
Amazon SEO is proving to be of extraordinary importance to better position your products

Up to now on Innovando we have always discussed how to do it SEO to highlight your eCommerce and also position – but not only – the shop pages. However, as it is logical to think, all other options must also be considered. For example, why not also leverage the potential of an already well established platform positioned and aggressive like Amazon is?

Google is to the search engine what Amazon is to the concept of eCommerce. And you could almost say that Amazon's search engine is as powerful as Google's, but limited to searching for products within it. Have you ever wondered why some products rank better than others?

Well, the former are sponsored, very often. And that means the advertiser paid for the product to get featured. This phenomenon also happens with Google Ads. But all the others? How do you "position yourself" on Amazon?

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The English term Keyword means one or more words that users write in search engines to find and consult the websites of their interest
What are the ideal keywords for Amazon?

Welcome to Amazon Search Engine Optimization

SEO includes all those search engine optimization processes. Although in most cases it is associated with Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu, we all know that the concept of search engine has a much more generic meaning. Almost every site owns a small scale one to navigate within its contents. This means that Amazon has one too.

If you still think that SEO is not an activity relevant to the sale of products on Amazon, well, try to reflect: maybe it's true, not everything taught to you in an SEO course can help you sell better on Amazon, but there they are definitely points of contact.

Harness the potential of the unbeatable giant of online sales through a vocabulary suited to the research intent of its customers it is a practice that should never be underestimated and, sometimes, requires some small technical adjustments.

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Buying on Amazon is an increasingly common practice in the world
Buying on Amazon is an increasingly common practice in the world

Why invest time and resources on Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is not time wasted simply because Amazon itself will rank your pages on Google. If they match a search intent, therefore, it is highly probable that users will arrive. Yeah, but where do they come from?

Amazon is a bit of a separate reality. It's true, a lot of traffic comes from Google, the great directional vector of the web. Yet, many people search on Amazon directly, without going through Google – and this alone should make you understand the potential of this incredible platform.

Some research claims that more than 54% of users search for products directly from Amazon, without going through Google. If you think about it, it's very likely that you do too. This data alone should make you realize the importance of Amazon in your digital sales ecosystem.

How does the Amazon algorithm work? Amazon and Google both operate with a view to provide customer service, with the difference that Google wants to provide the best possible answer, while the second aims to show the user the more interesting product.

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The virtual shopping cart is a key element in all eCommerce practices
The virtual shopping cart is a key element in all eCommerce practices

Positioning yourself on Jeff Bezos' e-commerce: how to do it?

If you are an Amazon customer, take two minutes to reflect on the products similar to yours and already on sale on the eCommerce that rank first. What makes them different and better than others? How can we write a product sheet in "Amazon SEO perspective", and how can we optimize the words to match the search intent, yes, but also the priorities configured by the algorithm?

The performance of a product on Amazon follows logics not too different from those on your site, but on a larger scale and with high internal competition:

  • Title;
  • Product description, possibly with a bulleted list with all the features;
  • Product-related, descriptive keywords
  • Price
  • Number and quality of photos
  • Guests Book
  • User responses to questions asked
  • Logistics and product availability.

Amazon's algorithm tends to reward products that reflect a certain consistency between title and description, reporting the keywords clearly and completely. The wealth of information constitutes a truly precious resource, especially when there are so many alternatives and very varied and basically truly competitive prices.

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The Amazon logo
The Amazon logo

A really important KPI remains the number of sales

Consistent keywords, timely and accurate user responses. Another important KPI is the number of sales. The more popular your Amazon shop is, the more your products will end up at the top of internal searches.

  • Amazon product sheets must present all the necessary information to understand if the product is right for you. Bullet points help, in this sense, to facilitate the finding of interesting and important information from the buyer's point of view.
  • Il price it is important and must reflect not only the quality of your product, but also be able to attract the user's attention. Certainly, this is an important distinction from Amazon's point of view.
  • Le photo they are really important: original, of quality and capable of highlighting the merits and, if desired, also the dimensions of the product. You have to make sure that even if the user doesn't have the product in hand, he is convinced that it is what he is looking for.
  • La management of reviews it plays another essential role within the marketplace ecosystem. A responsive salesperson who responds, cares, and actively participates in the decision-making process will generate more interest from users. And consequently it will be rewarded by the Amazon algorithm, which will channel potential buyers to you knowing that they "make a good impression on us", because you are a reliable person.

We're only scratching the surface of this potentially boundless topic. Are you interested in learning more? What has been your sales experience on the Amazon marketplace? There are many things that can be done to win the trust of customers, and on Amazon there is certainly no lack of visibility!

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Buying on Amazon is an increasingly common practice in the world
Buying on Amazon is an increasingly common practice in the world