The best social networks for companies: which one to choose?

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The best social networks

The use of social networks today turns out to be crucial in the creation of that human connection that is established between a brand and its customers.

These platforms are a great opportunity to promote, through the web, not only the products of your brand, but also those corporate values ​​capable of making your brand recognizable. Obtaining great online visibility allows you to take a decisive step forward in your professional affirmation. In fact, the web is a boundless environment in which to implement one's own personal branding strategies, which allow customers to identify with the brand's personality and resonate with the company itself.

Obtaining valuable online visibility through various social webs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram can allow the brand to define its own personal voice, capable of making it authentic and reliable in the eyes of Internet users. In communicating on social media you will have to focus your attention on the public, empathizing with it. A clear and official tone will be able to inspire seriousness and reliability, while a confidential one will convey cordiality and closeness. Based on your business goals, you can opt for the right social media, those that will give you the opportunity to focus on the most appropriate tone of voice for your online activities.

The use of social networks makes it possible to publish eye-catching contents such as suggestive photographs and videos, as well as to use hashtags, headings and surveys, tools undoubtedly capable of stimulating one's customers on the web, becoming an integral part of the company's social media marketing. Through the web it will be possible to use them constantly, allowing the brand to gain confidence with its followers, arousing sympathy and consequently increasing their involvement.


Let's start with the leader of social networks. Facebook is characterized by an immediate, simple and friendly way of communicating. Building personal relationships with this social network is simple and pleasant for the user, who can easily feel close to your brand. In fact, the links that the social network is able to establish are all created on the same level, giving the user the impression of having a conversation just like with a friend.

Facebook is a social platform capable of representing the entire digital planet, certainly capable of promoting its online visibility by incorporating even that market niche that you would like to reach through your social media marketing strategies.

Given the immense popularity of Facebook, managing a page turns out to be a practically mandatory task. Administering a Facebook page will allow you to reach thousands of people on the web, thus obtaining considerable online visibility. An effectively managed page will allow you to become a point of reference through your content; in this way you will be able to reach many Internet users interested in your business, gathering the public around your specific business.

Through an important advertising campaign and a correct investment of resources, you will have the opportunity to fully exploit the advantages of Facebook, the most famous online platform in the world.


Although it is often referred to as a social network on the waning avenue, Twitter continues to be used today by a large number of users and professionals. The platform allows you to share content that can be viewed instantly (but which can however easily be hidden by new tweets).

After experiencing years of crisis, Twitter is nowadays far from being an abandoned social network and can be a good choice for personal branding. It will be necessary to build a profile to gain online visibility, in order to acquire credibility and consequently new followers. On Twitter, it is advisable to opt for an attractive and easy to remember profile photo, as well as to take advantage of thematic lists, in order to create new bonds and inspire trust in other users.

For example, it is possible to create a Twitter group composed of a small circle of people. With these it will be possible to receive and send messages constantly and quickly, also having the possibility of sending them exclusive tweets.

Through Twitter it is possible to start quick and intense conversations, which are undoubtedly a great opportunity to retain your potential customers. One of the most interesting possibilities offered by a Twitter profile consists in the immediate communication that it is possible to establish with other users, thus creating personalized assistance for them, capable of solving any problem that may arise. Using Twitter to increase your online visibility only makes sense if your brand is able to adapt to the social media marketing that the platform is able to offer through its branding activity.


Instagram cannot fail to appear on this list, an application that several years ago was used exclusively by photography enthusiasts. In fact, it was 2010, when Instagram was born from a project by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as an app for taking photos and applying filters. Nowadays, this social network turns out to be a formidable marketing tool. The reasons for its success are to be found in the great importance assumed by visual contents on the web, often preferred to the text format.

Those who surf the web are often looking for visual content capable of striking in a short time, which can convince them to perform a specific action. Instagram embodies these characteristics, outlining itself as the best known visually oriented social network in the world.

In the summer of 2018, Instagram subscribers were around 1 billion and growing. For this reason, Instagram is an ever-expanding platform, which still has so much to offer its users; therefore, a decidedly suitable site for developing one's own branding techniques by making use of the multiple functions made available by the developers.

When is it recommended to use it for your business? Being a constantly evolving platform, it is especially recommended for carrying out the company's social media marketing if the target audience is made up of younger people. If you were to advertise a particular item, you would have the opportunity to photograph the product and create captivating visual content, capable of attracting the attention of teenagers and younger people. This feature makes Instagram a social network suitable for showing users the lighter and friendlier side of your brand, creating social media marketing plans around the more fun and creative aspect related to your company.


The ever-increasing importance of visual content on social media isn't just about photographs. Through branding and social media marketing strategies aimed at video marketing, it will be possible to create solutions using the various social networks on the web. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, in fact, allow for the creation of solutions in this regard, but it is quite evident that when speaking of video sharing platforms, one thinks first of all of YouTube.

YouTube enjoys such a wide reputation that it does not require any introduction, being a place visited daily by billions of users all over the world. It should be remembered that YouTube users are made up of individuals of all ages, information that will undoubtedly be of interest to those wishing to promote their business, increasing online visibility with personal branding strategies.

YouTube, a platform owned by Google, allows companies to create and publish videos in order to illustrate the company's business. Often those who visit the web much prefer video content to reading a text; therefore, the use of videos with YouTube turns out to be a formidable opportunity to advertise your company by greatly increasing your online visibility. The brand that wants to create a video content to upload to YouTube could spend some time thinking about why the audience should be impressed by it and then share it.

YouTube could prove to be the best way to go to implement your branding and social media marketing techniques with your best videos.


LinkedIn presents itself as a social network diametrically opposed to Facebook. If the most famous social network in the world prefers light information, LinkedIn focuses on seriousness and professional communication.

With more than 560 million users, LinkedIn turns out to be the best-known professional platform in the world. LinkedIn is the corporate social platform par excellence, which allows you to create accounts dedicated to the company, in which to introduce your employees and the news relating to your branding activities. LinkedIn values ​​the quality of contacts over their quantity, both in terms of connections and business skills and shared content, capable of generating interactions every day.

There is therefore no space and time to give free rein to one's creativity, but only time to directly illustrate one's company reality, in a serious and rigorous way. Consequently, LinkedIn is recommended for brands that want to establish professional relationships with other companies in the same sector, as well as for choosing new personnel through the many interesting profiles on the platform.

Creating a company page on this platform turns out to be a decidedly simple operation to carry out. However, this is only the first step and it would be a big mistake to believe that a few posts are enough to convince users to follow your online activity. You will therefore have to outline your company objectives, precise and achievable, before implementing the actions aimed at achieving them.

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to contact companies and big brands, outlining itself as a solution particularly suitable for those who need a platform in which to stand out only towards a specific type of audience.

The best social networks for companies: which one to choose

The importance of social networks lies in their ability to create important links with users, giving rise to continuous relationships over time between the company and customers. This is why it is essential to have a social channel, to be chosen appropriately based on the activity you want to undertake on the specific platform.

At the basis of social media marketing strategies are the various communication channels offered by social networks, capable of spreading the message of your brand. A superficial analysis could convince you to opt for a specific social network; however, you would soon understand the difficulty of making a truly appropriate choice of platform to use for your business. Leaving room for chance and improvisation would prove to be a bankruptcy branding strategy, since the creation of social networks for companies could not do without an accurate analysis of what your company really needs.

For all of these reasons, after this overview of the top five social networks, we'll soon be ready to discuss each one in more depth. Going into detail and knowing the various nuances of these platforms will allow you to discover the strengths and characteristics of each of these social networks, in order to increase your online visibility and implement your social media marketing strategies.